We Happy Few: General Xbox One Support FAQ

Xbox One

If you encounter a crash that prevents you from playing, here are some things that you can do:

- Try restarting your Xbox One
- If crash occurs when attempting to continue an old save game, try starting a new game as old saves may not be compatible between updates.

If none of these steps work or if you are encountering an inconsistent crash, please click above to submit a ticket with any additional information such as:

-Mention that you are playing on Xbox One
-Which version of the game did this crash occur on?
-When did you create this save game?
-How often do you encounter this crash?
-Where do you experience this crash?
-What were you doing before you experienced this crash?
-Any other information that you feel might be useful

Our agents can then begin assisting you and get you back to playing as soon as possible! 


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