Patch Notes (February 3rd,, 2023)

Greetings Commanders, 

Today we surprise you with a small update for Homeworld Mobile.

This update introduces several new T2 and T3 assignments as well as some important Bug Fixes. We hope you continue your Nimbus Galaxy Journey!

See you in Space,

Fleet Command




  • Added several new assignments:
    • Pahra’s Rock: Introduces the Pahra’s Rock Strike
    • High Risk High Reward: Introduces Galaxy Scanning in T2
    • Tanoch Errands: Complete 3 of the following assignments:
      • Errands: Golden Harvest
      • Errands: Safety and Security
      • Disaster Relief
      • Errands: Hired Defenses
    • Internal Module Upgrades: Upgrade Internal Modules
    • Compartments: Explanation of Internal Modules
    • Yaot Conflict: Complete three Conflict assignments
      • Conflict: Direct Attack
      • Conflict: Hazardous Archeology
      • Conflict: Seek and Find
      • Conflict: Opposition Research


  • Added several new assignments:
    • Expanding the Horizon: Research Hyperspace Jump Limit T3
    • Yaot Relations: Collect Yaot reputation
    • Uneasy Allies: Complete 2 of the following assignment chains:
      • Truce: Loadstones I – III
      • Truce: The Privateer I – III
      • Truce: Exchange of Ideas I – III
      • This assignment now unlocks the “Station Defense (Heroic)” Strike
    • Inside the Empire: Complete 2 of the following assignment chains:
      • Chicuat: Dry Well I – III
      • Chicuat: Exposed I – III
      • Chicuat: Favors I – III
      • This assignment now unlocks the “Pahra’s Rock (Heroic)” Strike
    • Planting the Flag: Complete 2 of the following assignment chains:
      • Colonies: Brick Making I – III
      • Colonies: Security Blanket I – III
      • Colonies: The Next Generation I – III
    • Blue Collar Work: Complete 2 of the following assignment chains:
      • Contracts: The Empty Quarter I – III
      • Contracts: Territory Claim I – III
      • Contracts: Supplies I – III
    • Roadblocks: Complete 2 of the following assignment chains:
      • Defense: Intercept I – III
      • Defense: Assist I – III
      • Defense: Barricade I – III

Other Assignment changes

  • Added the first T4 assignment: Mind the Gap

Bug Fixes

We have fixed the following bugs and issues:

  • Changed the goal of the Combat II assignment to now correctly trigger when clearing liaison assignments and not liaison missions
  • Fixed that you could be attacked by ships during several cinematics in Sijin Lighthouse
  • Fixed that the 4th player who joins a Jovian spawned directly inside a damage zone
  • Fixed that the Traveling Trader sometimes didn’t appear for you.
    • If you are visiting the Traveling Trader in a group together with other players, make sure to wait for everyone to enter the mission first. Otherwise, if the Trader is interacted with once it will not spawn for other players if they join afterwards.
    • If you are solo it should always appear.
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