Closed Beta 1: Known Issues



Known Issues

This is an in-development build of Relic Hunters Legend, so you may encounter some issues while you play. Below are some of the known issues you may encounter:

  • Some performance issues during missions.
  • Application (the game) crashes upon quitting the game.
  • Red Chests and Resources are missing in some regions. This could impact certain Feats/Rebel Ranks but there will be plenty of loot available, nonetheless.
  • The portal will occasionally not be visible to players in multiplayer missions. This has been seen to occur if the Host is playing a Special Mission that has expired for the person joining.
  • Players can occasionally get trapped between props on different maps.
  • Some props on Secret Market have no collision.
  • Players can get stuck in specific areas on different missions.
  • Players might not be able to remove selected items from the trade screen. This should correct when the player backs out of the trade. [CP7] [NP8] 
  • Trading may show an error and not complete if players unequip items at the Secret Market and try to trade them.
  • If players perform Transfer or Enhance actions on items while in the Secret Market, an error will occur and enhancements won't show if the item is then Traded to another player.
  • Note: Rebel Rank 1 is required to trade items in the Secret Market. This is intentional and will be made more obvious in the future.
  • The Gamepad pointer may stick on the screen after a trade is completed using a gamepad.
  • Some localized texts might not be written with the official fonts because of some special characters ( like the "ç" or "ã" in Portuguese, for example).
  • No music will play during a Boss Fight
  • Players having login issues are currently being investigated by the team.
    • TNF: Authentication_Response)

If you find bugs that aren't on this list, you can report them using the steps in this link ! Thank you so much for being a part of our community, Hunter! ⭐

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