Reporting Issues


In-Game Bug Reporter

If you encounter any issues while playing, there’s a handy built-in bug-reporting tool!

To access it, hit F3 on your keyboard. This will automatically take a screenshot and attach it to your report, so our team knows where the issue happened.




Next, fill out the Description text box with:

  • What you were doing when the issue arose
  • What the issue (bug) was
  • Where you found it

For instance, if the audio suddenly cut out while playing in the Galyno Canyon stage, you could hit F3 and write:

While playing in the Galyno Canyon stage with my party, the sound of the weapons disappeared right after I switched weapons and didn’t come back”.

Please feel free to report any bugs you encounter, no matter how simple they may seem. Each bug report is valuable information for our team and helps us make Relic Hunters Legend even better!

Thanks again for helping us test the servers for this closed beta.

Good luck and have fun!

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