Closed Beta 1: What's New.


What’s New in Closed Beta 1

We are so excited for everyone to jump into Relic Hunters Legend’s Close Beta on May 18th at 9AM CT, until May 22nd at 9AM CT ![CP1] [NP2] 

This Closed Beta is bringing a bunch of new things for you to experience into the game!

  • More Story Adventures! Play through a brand-new act with your favorite Hunters.
  • New Items to help you on your missions!
  • Face stronger foes[CP3] [NP4] ! Enemies levels 20 to 30 are waiting!
  • Find new Tier 3 Gear and Weapons!
  • Trade gear and items with your fellow Hunters!
  • Hunter level cap has been increased to 25!
  • Max Rebel Rank increased to 7!
  • Total Skill Points increased to 32!

In addition, the progress for players that joined the Closed Beta: Stress Test will be kept for this Closed Beta.[CP5] [NP6] 

Be advised, progress from the Closed Beta: Stress Test will not be kept for this Closed Beta!

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