Fig Shutdown Update

Homeworld 3 Fig Shutdown Update

As you may have been aware, Republic, Fig’s parent company, announced in 2020 following their acquisition that they would eventually be closing down the legacy site. We recently received the official date of that shutdown, which will take place on May 29.  

After May 29, the Homeworld team and backers of the project will no longer to be able to access the Homeworld 3 Fig site. Although we won’t be able to share updates on that platform, we are committed to continuing to provide you with consistent updates and visibility into Homeworld 3 through alternative channels. Key details on how we’ll be communicating with you moving forward are below:  

Your Backer Rewards 

Fig has provided us with our complete backer list, which includes contact information, selections, and everything we need to deliver your Fig Rewards.  

As we move forward to fulfilling your rewards from the project, we will be shifting our direct communications to email. We will be using the emails associated with your Fig account to distribute relevant information regarding delivery of your selections. Make sure to whitelist and approve communications from to make sure you’re not missing any important updates.  

If you need to change your contact preferences or Fig information, please submit a ticket to and choose the “Fig Backer” option from the drop-down. Fig support will no longer be able to help you with this.   

Homeworld 3 Development Updates 

We love sharing updates and giving you a look at how the game is progressing. 

With this in mind, we will be adding sections to Homeworld Universe, including sections that will be the future home to the content we’ve shared in Fig updates up to this point! 

Moving forward, we’ll be posting the quarterly updates we committed to on Homeworld Universe and the Homeworld 3 Steam Page.  

Further Questions 

We expect more questions from this news and have created a Q&A addressing some potential concerns. We are committed to answering your questions to the best of our ability and if you have any that expand beyond the scope of the Q&A, please submit a ticket to and select the “Fig Backer” from the Homeworld 3 dropdown. 

We recognize that this news is sudden, and we want to ensure that everyone who has supported the development feels informed and valued. We are eternally grateful for the fandom demonstrated by the community, day in and day out. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow Homeworld 3 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as join the Discord, to stay informed on the latest news.  

Thank you as always for the support, we look forward to sharing more with you soon.  

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Why is Homeworld 3’s fig page being shut down?  

Fig’s parent company, Republic, will be closing down the legacy site on May 29, 2023. This impacts previously completed crowdfunding campaigns on Fig, as they will not be transferred over to the Republic platform. All new crowdfunding campaigns have been on the Republic platform since the acquisition in 2020.  

 When will I receive my Homeworld 3 Backer rewards?  

Backer rewards will be issued at launch as previously promised. There are no planned changes to those rewards. 

 When will the new Homeworld Universe site be updated to include the content formerly housed on Fig?  

We are working quickly to apply the finishing touches and migrate content. We will be looking clean soon and should have the site up in the near future. 

 When can we expect to see another development update? 

We have another development update in the works and are hopeful to have that at, or just after, the relaunch of the Homeworld Universe website. 

 I have a specific question about the status of my pledge to the game as a Fig Backer, who do I talk to?  

If you need to change your contact preferences or Fig information, please submit a ticket to and choose the “Fig Backer” option from the drop-down. Fig support will no longer be able to help you with this.   

 I’ve moved since I initially pledged and need to change my address, who do I speak with to make this change? 

Please fill out this form so we can capture your changes: 

 What's happening with my Collector's Edition? When will I get that?  

Those who pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition will receive them at launch. There have been no changes to what is included in the Collector’s Edition. 

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