What is Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds?

  • Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds brings the franchise to life for the first time ever on mobile featuring Risk of Rain's signature fast-paced action that merges the excitement of bullet hell roguelikes and action RPGs with hero collecting.  

How does the gameplay differ from Risk of Rain Returns and Risk of Rain 2?

  • Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds features an isometric point of view in engaging, bite-sized levels.
  • Your primary weapon will auto target and shoot enemies while you maneuver out of harm's way and decide where to deploy special weapons and abilities.
  • Players will also be able to dynamically swap between three Survivors mid-game.

How do players dynamically swap between Survivors?

  • Before starting a level in single-player or co-op, players will pick up to three of their unlocked Survivors to form their personal squad.
  • During gameplay, simply tap the Survivor you wish to switch to at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll immediately swap to that Survivor. There is a brief cooldown before you can swap back to another Survivor. This experience is completely fluid and requires no pause screens.

Will Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds have co-op?

  • Co-op is an integral part of Risk of Rain’s DNA and will be available in a limited capacity during the game’s testing phase.
  • Co-op can be accessed through its own mode separate from the main storyline.
  • Co-op supports up to four players, and each player will have their own individual squad of three Survivors per match.
  • We’re committed to bringing an exceptional co-op experience to Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, and we look forward to sharing more details at a later date.

Who is creating it?

  • Frima Studio is leading development on Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, while Gearbox Publishing is publishing the game and consulting on key aspects of the project’s vision.
  • Gearbox remains fully committed to the future of the Risk of Rain franchise on PC and consoles. Development on Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds will not affect Risk of Rain 2 resources.

How much does it cost?

  • Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is entirely free-to-play with optional microtransactions.

Why make a mobile Risk of Rain game?

  • By developing a Risk of Rain game specifically for mobile devices while retaining the series’ iconic hallmarks, we’re able to welcome a whole new group of players into the franchise.
  • Our greatest hope is that we’re able to share Risk of Rain with a wider audience and enable players to step into the Risk of Rain universe wherever and whenever they’d like.
  • We want to bring everything that makes Risk of Rain special to as many players as possible, across multiple platforms, while continuing to remain faithful to the universe that Hopoo Games created.
  • We recognize that Risk of Rain fans are eager for more PC news, and this will be an adjustment for some in the community. We still have plenty in store for our PC fans.

Why are you testing regionally first before a worldwide launch?

  • Our goal is to create an exceptional Risk of Rain experience that players around the world will enjoy. This approach of testing in select markets first helps us shape the game and listen to player feedback before releasing it to a wider global market.

Why did you choose Frima for this project?

  • Frima Studio is an expert at adapting beloved franchises to multiplatforms and has years of experience crafting tailor-made controls and UI for mobile. Since being founded in 2003, Frima has produced web games for the biggest Hollywood brands, such as Harry Potter and Looney Tunes, and worked on titles like Disciples: Liberation and Forza Street. The studio is collaborating with Epic to support the Fortnite cross-play experience on mobile platforms.

What is the in-game economy like?

  • Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is a hero collector-type game that encourages fans to mix and match their playstyles with a wide variety of Survivors. Players will be able to collect Survivors by playing and using in-game currency. All currency can be earned through play time without spending money. Players who choose to buy the in-game currency will receive in-game content at an increased pace than they would otherwise through playing.
  • There are several different kinds of currency:
    • Players can purchase an in-game currency called Sap within the in-game shop with real money.
    • Sap can then be spent to redeem Credits, purchase fragments to unlock Survivors, or pull for random Survivors in Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds.
    • Credits can be spent to increase a Survivor’s Rating and Level, increase Gear Rating and Level, or used to upgrade Ship Rooms.
    • Lunar Coins can be spent exclusively to pull for random Survivors.
  • As Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is in its testing phase, the economy is subject to change leading into its worldwide launch.
  • We’re eager to hear feedback from players so that we can create the best experience possible.

Do I have to buy Sap with real money?

  • No. Sap can be earned in-game by completing campaign missions. Each mission has its own Sap reward, modified by the Difficulty Rating (first time).

How else can I obtain Credits and Lunar Coins?

  • Both can be obtained by completing campaign missions and claiming Daily & Weekly Objectives rewards. Credits can also be earned by claiming Quests and completing co-op matches.
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