Note from Frima


What’s this, a mobile Risk of Rain game?

You bet your Lunar Coins.

Frima Studio is an established video game outfit from Quebec City. We’re passionate gamers, consummate developers, and—perhaps most importantly—huge fans of Risk of Rain. So when Gearbox Publishing invited us to join them on Petrichor, we felt excited but also a little anxious: expanding the world of Risk of Rain is not something to be taken lightly. And we were determined not to bungle the important responsibility we had been entrusted with, lest we end up on Newt’s bad side. (A thorny situation at the best of times.)

With Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds we’re proposing a top-down, skill-based action adventure. Our game is a side-quel that exists within the same timeline as Risk of Rain 2 but focuses on a different part of the story. Old favorites swing back into action (hello Commando!) alongside new allies, equipped with devastating (and slightly wacky) gear, to explore diverse environments where plenty of danger awaits—some of it familiar, some not. Whatever you do, don’t waste any time: The clock is ticking, and while you stock up on mission items, the power of your foes is surging.

Contrary to our game’s subtitle, we’ve been working hard to make everyone feel welcome in our little corner of the universe—from hardened Risk of Rain veterans to mobile enthusiasts looking for their next favorite franchise. This meant creating a welcoming entry point into the franchise that’s also an engrossing “next chapter” which propels the adventure forward in a satisfying way. And with Gearbox’s unwavering support, walking that tightrope has proven a thrilling and rewarding endeavor, in more ways than one.

But don’t get any cozy ideas: These are hostile worlds, so you better be prepared to face whatever jumps you in those mysterious surroundings.

And beware the Snail-at-Arms.

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