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Battleborn, much like its character roster, has a wide array of choices for you to play around with. 

Every game mode can be played either offline (solo) or online with friends. Check out the breakdown of ways to play Battleborn, listed below.

Story Mode 

Battleborn's Story Mode consists of a Prologue mission and eight Story Mode missions. These missions are repeatable episodes telling the story about how the Battleborn work to save the last star in the universe from Rendain and the Varelsi. The story unfolds over a linear eight-mission campaign.

There are two ways to play through Story Mode: 

  • Story Private Mode lets youset up a private game to play either solo or invite friends on missions you have currently unlocked. You must complete a mission in Story Private Mode in order to unlock and progress towards the next one.
  • Story Public Mode allows co-op play through public matchmaking. Players vote on which mission they would like to play through; there are three missions to choose from, or you can select "No Preference." Missions are chosen at random and are displayed for players to vote on, regardless of whether or not you’ve unlocked that map in Private Mode.

There are 3 options for Story Mode:

  • Difficulty: Normal and Advanced Difficulty.
  • Hardcore Mode: There are no extra lives and you may gain extra loot and new unlockable content.
  • Unique Characters: Only one instance of a character may be used. This is also an option in Versus Mode.

Versus Mode

Versus lets users play through PvP game modes. There are three types of Versus modes:

  • Incursion: Teams lead waves of minions to destroy two Boss Sentry bots located in the opposing team's territory.
  • Capture: Players vie for control points on a map.
  • Meltdown: Robot minions spawn and march across the map, throwing themselves into sacrificial altars and generating points for their team. Players have to defend friendly minions and destroy opposing ones.

Additionally, you'll have the option to play Versus Mode in either Public or Private matches. 

  • Versus Private lets you set up a private game to play either solo or invite friends to play with you. Private Versus games will populate any empty spots with AI-controlled characters, but unless you are playing with a complete roster of real players you will not earn any experience from the match.
  • Versus Public has you playing with nine other players in one of the three types of Versus modes listed above. 
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