With the new announcement about Battleborn's in-game marketplace, we understand you might have a few questions. 

As has been stated since before the game launched, there're a ton of new characters, maps, and multiplayer modes coming to Battleborn for free.

Now. That said. On June 16th, we will be rolling out an update that expands Battleborn’s in-game marketplace and will also introduce some new cosmetic content for your heroes. There may be more content coming to the Marketplace in the future: We're exploring convenient ways players can boost their XP and credit earnings that do not affect actual gameplay. 

The update introduces Battleborn’s premium currency, Platinum, which will allow you to purchase two brand new types of skins for your heroes, as well as new taunts. The first wave of cosmetic add-ons includes skins for all 26 heroes and taunts for Ghalt, Oscar Mike, Benedict, Shayne & Aurox, El Dragon, Whiskey Foxtrot, Kleese, and Alani. More are planned for future updates.

Skins will sell for 420 Platinum, while taunts will cost 230 Platinum.

Feel free to head over to the Battleborn blog if you want to see more examples of these skins and taunts in action. 

These premium taunts and skins that will not affect gameplay, although there's a good chance they'll make your teammates and opponents super jealous. This optional, cosmetic content comes in addition to all the free skins and taunts already put in the game. Additionally, the first five Battleborn DLC Packs will have even more skins and taunts that are only unlockable by playing the Story Operations and will not be sold in the Marketplace.  

You will be able to purchase Platinum Packs through PlayStation Network, the Xbox Store, or Steam, then use the Platinum in-game to load up on a variety of new skins and taunts of your choice. Each DLC Pack will also be sold individually through the Marketplace as it gets closer to its release.

If you have more questions, here's a handy FAQ with all the answers:


Where can I purchase Platinum Packs?

  • Platinum Packs will be available to purchase through each platform’s store: PlayStation Network, The Xbox Store, and Steam.

Where can I purchase skins and taunts?

  • Skins and taunts will be available in the in-game Marketplace. You can access it by navigating to the Command center then clicking the “Marketplace” tab.

When will individual DLC packs be available to purchase?

  • DLC Packs will become available closer to their release. Stay tuned to @Battleborn on Twitter and the news blog for more information in the coming weeks.

What characters will have new skins and taunts available?

  • The Marketplace will initially expand with skins for all 26 heroes and taunts for Ghalt, Oscar Mike, benedict, Shayne & Aurox, El Dragon, Whiskey Foxtrot, Kleese, and Alani. We’re always looking for creative ways to show off Battleborn badassery, so keep an eye out as we release more skins and taunts in future updates.
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