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With the launch of Alani in Battleborn, we are also implementing Hero Keys within the game for the first time. 

So what are Hero Keys and how do they work?

Hero Keys will let you purchase characters in Battleborn before they've been unlocked via challenges/progress. You can use your Hero Key on any character you have yet to unlock. For example, you can use your Hero Key to unlock Caldarius even if you haven't completed "The Renegade" story mission.

Currently, the only way to acquire Hero Keys is by purchasing the Season Pass; you will automatically receive one with each new downloadable character. If you participated in the PlayStation 4 Open Beta, you will also receive a free Hero Key to use with Alani.  

To use your Hero Key, just select the portrait of the character in the Command Menu and then choose "Unlock" from the on-screen options. 

So what happens if you eventually complete the challenge required to unlock a character you used a Hero Key on? In this instance, let's say you got through "The Renegade" after using your Hero Key to unlock Caldarius.

Should this happen, the game will automatically refund your Hero Key to you. 

If you decide you'd like to use your Hero Key on another character, you can have your Hero Key refunded to you. Please be aware: You have a limited number of Hero Key refunds. In order to do this, please perform the following steps: 

  1. In the Command screen, go to the "Marketplace" tab.
  2. Choose "Show Purchase History."
  3. Select the Hero Key Unlock within your Purchase History. 
  4. Choose "Yes" when you're asked if you'd like to refund this purchase.

NOTE: If you refund your Hero Key, the character you used it on will lock and no longer be accessible until you unlock it through challenges or purchase it again. 

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