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Why did my mission suddenly end/fail without warning?

  • Story Mode episodes have a timer for 120 minutes and the mission will fail if it’s not completed in this timeframe. You can check this timer, though: While in the episode, pause the game and a timer at the bottom of the menu will tell you how much time is left.

Can I earn experience in private PvP matches?

  • As long as there are full teams of live players, then you should be able to earn experience. Experience is not earned in private Competitive Multiplayer matches with bots.

How do I log into SHiFT?

  • At the Battleborn start screen, go to "Extras," then go to "SHiFT." Login or sign up for a SHiFT account.

Why don’t I have access to all the characters? How do I unlock them all? Is there any in-game guide that will tell me?

  • Battleborn will have you begin the game with access to a portion of the available characters. The remaining characters can be unlocked by achieving a certain Command Rank level or achieving specific objectives. To see what each character’s requirements are, go to the Command screen; scrolling through each character will tell you needs to be accomplished in order to unlock them.

How do I use credits?

  • Credits are earned by completing Story Episodes and public Competitive Multiplayer Matches. Credits can also be picked up as boss loot drops, and found in chests in Story Mode episodes.
  • You can spend credits in the in-game Marketplace to purchase various Gear Packs, new loadouts, and more bank pages.

What are do terms like "CC" and "buildable" stand for?

  • CC is short for crowd control effects, such as stuns, snares, slows, and blind.
  • Buildables are tactical structures located in various area around Story Mode and Competitive Multiplayer maps. Use Shards to purchase buildable tactical structures which are located strategically around the map. These buildables can then be upgraded using Shards to make them more efficient and more resistant to enemy attacks. Buildables will be available to purchase again approximately 20 seconds after they’ve been destroyed.
    • Automatic Turrets - Turrets have different types of offensive armaments and will attack any foe in sight, enemy minions and Battleborn alike.
    • Healing Station - The Healing station will regenerate health over time in an area around the station for the team who purchases it.
    • Accelerators - Accelerators give a speed boost to friendly Battleborn and minions when passing next to them.
    • Super Minions - Super Minions can be purchased in the team’s base and are well worth the Shards. Their ability to sustain and deal more damage than other minions adds additional firepower to your team.
  • Shards are a form of in-game currency that are only available during individual Story episodes or Competitive Multiplayer matches. Shards come in various sizes and can be picked up by running over small clusters or attacking larger clusters then running over the pieces. They can be used to purchase buildables or activate Gear. Shards only last for the duration of a single episode or match.

How do I play through the prologue again?

  • Select the prologue from the list of Story Mode episodes

Do I need Xbox Gold or PlayStation Plus to play the game?

  • PlayStation Plus is not required to play the game’s single-player Story Mode, but is required for public matches. The same goes for Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live Silver members will be able to play private Story Mode episodes and private Competitive Modes, but will not have access to public matchmaking features.

I don’t want to grind for currency. Can I just buy some?

  • There are no options to purchase in-game currency.

Do I keep loot if I fail the mission I earned it on?

  • Yes, players keep the gear and credits they picked up during a Story episode. Other types of loot, such as health or extra lives orbs, are temporary augmentations to a specific episode and do not carry over.

Is there a color blind mode in the game? How do I enable/disable it?

  • There isn’t an explicit color blind mode, but we do let you pick your team color and the opposing team’s color. This colorization is applied to enemy color, health bars, competitive objectives, etc., and is available on all platforms.
    • From the start screen, go to "Options," then "Gameplay," then "Team Colors," and then select the colors you want for ally and enemy teams.

What should I do if the game freezes? Do I have to restart the entire mission from scratch?

  •  Players can jump back into a Competitive Multiplayer match or Story Mode episode as long as it is still running. If the match ended or the mission failed, the player will not be able to get back in.

How are credits awarded?

  • Credits are awarded for playing Story Mode episodes and completing Competitive Multiplayer matches. In Story Mode, credits can be picked up as loot drops throughout the maps. In both Story and Competitive Multiplayer, credits are awarded depending on how much time is spent playing.
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