Attention, all Badasses on-the-go!

If you've downloaded and installed Battleborn Tap onto your phone (or other mobile device of choice), you might have a couple of questions about the app. 

Should that be the case, congratulations on finding your way here! This article contains many of the answers to questions players may have about our latest mobile title. Check them out below. 

So what is Battleborn Tap?

  • Battleborn Tap is a tie-in app for mobile platforms that features the same characters as the main Battleborn game.   Level them up and Tap furiously to help them defeat a vast array of enemies!

Oh, cool! How do I play?

  • The game starts in one of the many environments you find in the main Battleborn game. Enemies come in waves. Each tap on screen deals damage to the closest enemy. Each enemy kill is rewarded with Star Shards (which scale by game progress). After enough Star Shards have been collected, you can hire Battleborn heroes. Once the Battleborn join the battle, they start fighting automatically. Every Battleborn has an ultimate skill you can activate.

So I just tap on the screen and fight waves of enemies?

  • That's part of the gameplay, but it's much deeper than that. After every ten waves of enemies, you'll find yourself fighting a boss. Aside from that, you can also spend Credits (which are earned separately from Star Shards) on Loot Packs, which will provide gear for your Battleborn heroes for combat bonuses. There's also an ability to craft Artifacts; these provide bonuses for both you and your Battleborn, and will even carry over after you upgrade your prestige.  

Can you explain how this Prestige thing works?

  • Sure! So on the Home Screen, there's a button that says "Prestige." After you’ve hit stage 30 , you have the option to click it to reset your current game progress in exchange for increasing your Command Rank and earning Mythstones (which are needed to craft Artifacts).  Don’t worry, all of your Gear, Credits, and Artifacts are safe.  Only your stages and shards are exchanged.

That sounds confusing.

  • Reset your game, become more badass.

Ah, thanks. That makes more sense.

  • No problem!

How do I unlock new Battleborn?

  • Everytime you Prestige you are given Command Rank experience. After you have earned enough experience you can unlock a new Battleborn in the Home screen by clicking the portrait at the top.  The more times you Prestige, the more Battleborn you will unlock!


How do I upgrade my Battleborn?

  • Tap on the "Battleborn" tab at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a list of characters you've hired. From here, you can use shards to upgrade your own attack power and your heroes' attack power/health bar.

What mobile platforms is this available for?

  • Battleborn Tap is available for both iOS and Android. 

How does Battleborn Tap crossover into Battleborn?

So I can use SHiFT codes with the Battleborn Tap?

  • Yes, but only codes that are specifically meant to be used with the app. 

Who do I contact for support with Battleborn Tap?

  • You're in the right place! As opposed to Borderlands titles, there's no need to contact anyone else. 2K Support is handling the support for all the Battleborn games. 

I've been playing Battleborn Tap and have a problem. Should I just uninstall/reinstall the app?

  • Actually, we'd advise against uninstalling and reinstalling the app (which is often what will solve problems on iOS and Android). This is because any items acquired from loot packs and any credits purchased will be permanently lost on uninstall
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