Patch 15.2

Hello everyone! Patch 15.2 will be live December 12, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST/8:00 AM PST/16:00 UTC! This patch will include the following updates, including addressing the infinite loading screen some of you have been experiencing!

This patch addresses these current issues:

  • Infinite loading screen should no longer occur when loading into new map areas
  • Players will no longer experience a progression break when selecting Field Doctor after mission 1-1
  • Maxing out your gadgets will no longer cause a freeze to the AI
  • Enemies will no longer spawn behind locked doors
  • Sector 3 boss will now spawn when the Major Shrine is complete if you are in a full party
  • Sector 2 boss will now spawn when charge to the Major Shrine is complete
  • When canceling co-op matchmaking players will no longer experience a black screen or softlock
  • You can now access the Star Map from the Missions terminal when opening the game from any notification
  • Players can now reconnect from an abandoned match without softlocking the game
  • Players will no longer receive an error code when making several purchases at the Lost and Found
  • Bosses will now be impacted by the Artificer's Plasma Nano-Spear
  • Android users will be able to interact with the "Do you want to close the game?" option
  • Quests are now claimable both individually or with the Claim All button
  • Android users will no longer see the pixel line on the edges of the first loading screen
  • Story Quests will now register as completed after first completion
  • Scrap metal laid on the floor should keep appropriate textures
  • Squads will no longer be impacted if multiple players drop out/in during the same mission

Thank you to the community for continuing to test Hostile Worlds and giving us suggestions and feedback on how we can improve the game! The dev team is working hard on making this game the best, and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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