Patch 0.16.0

Hey everyone!

We're launching Patch 0.16.0 on January 24th! This patch introduces numerous improvements and changes, incorporating feedback from the community. It also brings a NEW SURVIVOR - Captain, updates to our Joint Action Co-Op mode, and more.

The team values your feedback and suggestions and is actively working to make Hostile Worlds the best experience possible for our full launch. Please join the Discord and share your thoughts in the #suggestions-channel!

Let's dive into it!
What’s New:

  • New Survivor: Captain
  • Joint Action Mode: 
    • 9 New Map Variations
    • 5 Difficulties
    • Daily Rotations
  • New pieces of Gear: 
    • 11 Catalysts, 
    • 8 Armors
    • 1 Gadget

Bug Fixes:

  • Snail at Arms no longer spins around the stage if it is affected by a status effect in its last phase
  • Daily quest now properly refills the quest list.
  • The displayed download speed is fixed.
  • Berserker's Pauldron now requires players to kill 3 enemies within 1 second before it sends them into a frenzy
  • Common gear now gives a smaller amount of currency when dismantled after ranking it up.
  • Survivors will no longer turn invisible after one dies in a Joint Action.
  • Players will no longer encounter an empty ship hub when exiting a Joint Action mission.
  • Basic Accelerator no longer causes large speed boosts when dashing.
  • Users will no longer experience a softlock when creating a new save after disconnecting from GameCenter.
  • Boson Battery now properly awards gold every 3 kills.
  • Enemies will no longer spawn behind locked doors

Community Feedback:

  • Valkyrie’s dash attack will not destroy a generator in less than a second
  • Huntress Arrow Rain ability no longer has a non-rounded value in the tooltip
  • Bison Steak icon has been updated to a Steak icon
  • The “Cancel Skill” button has been moved away from the skill buttons
  • When landing a Critical Hit players will see a “!” icon
  • Status effects can no longer trigger the 'Heal on Hit' effect of Armor
  • Damage over time will no longer cause rapid flashing during gameplay
  • Players will no longer experience clipping through locked doors in the main ship
  • Projectiles for some skills will not be sent out of bounds when triggered with a tap on the skill's icon while immobile.
  • Fixed some issues with gear texts mentioning the gear type instead of "gear" and the word "random" appearing twice Mission item chests no longer clip into the geometry in Area AA Biome 4
  • Tesla Coil is renamed ‘Unstable Tesla Coil’ since it periodically turns on and off

Quality of life improvements

  • Gold pickup range has been increased
  • Added outlines to Teleporter when the player is close to it
  • Boss death cinematic can now be skipped
  • Story beats can now be skipped
  • Inspect Hunter / Equip - Added the option to double tap to equip
    • Minor visual and text improvements
    • Improvements to the overall Tutorial experience
    • Updates to the visual aspects of Gear icons, Rank Up popup, and Gear Level popup
    • Shard backgrounds for Survivors now show Rarity 
    • Monsters can now spawn during Boss fights
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