Patch 0.17.1



We're launching Patch 0.17.1 on February 14th! This patch introduces numerous improvements and changes, incorporating feedback from the community. It also brings a NEW CLASSIC SURVIVOR - Engineer, and more.

The team values your feedback and suggestions and is actively working to make Hostile Worlds the best experience possible for our full launch. Please join the Discord and share your thoughts in the #suggestions-channel!

Let's dive into it!

What’s New:

  • New Survivor: Engineer 
  • Joint Action game mode is now unlocked after completing mission 12
  • New Splash Screen
  • Now displays Mission complete instead of Area 1/1 when there is only 1 area
  • Teleporter will now use the iconic animation: Main Character turns white and triggers a shock
  • Captain: The shockwave VFX now scales with the amount of bots.wave
  • Major and minor bug fixes 

Bug Fixes:

  • When leaving the Squad Console players will no longer experience a softlock
  • Daily and Weekly quest timers now behave as intended 
  • Players who disconnect or minimize the application should no longer experience an infinite loading screen
  • Tougher Times item effect will no longer be lost on death or when changing areas

Community Feedback:

  • Armor Piercing Rounds won't abnormally change how other mission items deal damage anymore
  • In Joint Action mode chests will now refresh if they are off-screen. 
  • Multiple Logbook entries have been localized 


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