Patch 0.18.0

Hey Everyone

We have just released Patch 0.18.0 for Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds! This update introduces private matchmaking, new interactables, various improvements, and changes, incorporated community feedback, and more!

The team values your feedback and suggestions and is actively working to make Hostile Worlds the best experience possible for our full launch. Please join the Discord and share your thoughts in the #suggestions-channel !

Let's dive into it!

What’s New:

  • Private Matchmaking
  • Players can now create a private match or join one via a generated code that can be shared
  • Private matchmaking is cross-region supported
  • Added new interactables
  • 3D Printers
  • Scrappers
  • Gold Canisters
  • Introducing 5 new Mission items
  • Monster Tooth
  • Crowbar
  • Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Bandolier
  • New Gear
  • 1 Catalyst
  • 10 Gadgets
  • 9 Armors
  • Time-limited quests now unlock after Mission 2
  • Shop and Lost and Found now unlock after Mission 2
  • Missions now have a reduced amount of Areas from 3 to 2 and increased exploration opportunities.

Bug Fixes:

  • n Joint Action players will not experience an infinite loading that can occur when reconnecting to a match after a Wi-Fi disconnection. In Join Action fixed a possible desync between players during the Beetle Queen boss
    fight when having high latency
  • Gear now properly displays their stats in the Mission preview
  • Fixed an issue where losing Wi-Fi directly after tapping the Buy button in the Lost and Found could cause a softlock or an error code and skipping of the Survivor reveal.
  • Disconnecting from the network during Survivor pull will no longer cause a softlock. This change prevents players from getting stuck at the "Initializing Notifications" during the initial loading when the device is set to a future date and time, showing an error message instead.
  • The Death Mark Status effect is now properly applied when the criteria have been met.
  • Holven and Mercator Station planet completion rewards can now be claimed for Rainstorm and Monsoon difficulty.
  • Ukulele and Piggy Bank logs will now unlock after being acquired.
  • Reduced intensity of the Root effect from the Theropod Elite.
  • Fixed an issue with lighting sometimes having the wrong angles

Community Feedback:

  • Death Mark's damage was rebalanced
  • Elite mobs are now better distinguished from regular enemies as their health bar has a yellow stroke and a yellow skull
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