Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition Delivery Updates

We are aware that individuals from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, the UK and Slovenia who pre-ordered the Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition from third-party retailers may have received messages from those retailers that delivery of their CE will be delayed.

We have confirmed our ability to distribute Fleet Command Edition Steam Keys to players in those regions that are impacted by this delay. Your retailer will be reaching out via email prior to Advanced Access with a Steam key, which is redeemable on May 10.

Steam Keys have NOT been sent to players yet.

Digital pre-orders:

This does not impact your digital key deliveries. Fleet Command and Fig Backer Keys will be sent ahead of Advance Access, while Standard and Deluxe keys will be sent ahead of launch on May 13.

Purchases made through Steam will unlock in your library according to your purchase edition.

FIG Backers:

Backers that are receiving a CE through Fig rewards will have their Steam Key included in their Collector’s Edition. They are NOT impacted by this issue in these regions. We are making every effort to ensure that you receive your CEs in time to start playing the game on May 10. We are not able to send additional keys in the event of shipping interruptions outside of our control.

Fig Backers NOT receiving a physical reward will have their digital keys emailed to the email used for Fig ahead of the Advance Access period.

Pre-Orders through third-party retailers in impacted regions:

A digital Fleet Command Edition key will arrive to your email ahead of May 10 from the retailer you pre-ordered your CE from.

Pre-Orders through 3rd Party Retailers NOT in impacted regions (ex: North America):

Your CE includes your Steam key for Homeworld 3 in-box. We have coordinated with our 3rd Party retailers and asked for the best possible chance that your deliveries arrive by May 10. The responsibility for delivery is owned by the retailer and we are not able to send additional keys in the event of shipping interruptions outside of our control.

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