Pre-purchase base to upgrade early access issue

NOTE: This will not work if you were gifted the game.

If you had pre-purchased the base game and then purchased the fleet command edition to upgrade, and you can't play right away here's what you need to do :

  • Go to your account page in Steam via
  • Click "View Purchase History"
  • From that page, you will find the original purchase of Homeworld 3 (just the Homeworld 3 game, not the other items) and request a refund.
  • The refund will take about 30-90 minutes to process.
  • Note : The funds themselves will take more time to be depostited back to your Steam Wallet or bank account/credit card. So be sure to select the right option according to what you prefer.
  • Once the refund is processed and the game is out of your library, go back to the store and re-purchase the Fleet Command Bundle
  • You will only be charged for what you're "Missing", that is the Homeworld 3 base game, the same amount that you're being refunded for.
  • It's important that you re-purchase the Fleet Command Bundle, and not the base game.

Once that's done, you will be able to download and play right away.

Note: If this does not work you will need to reach out to Steam Support as they may have to fix something on the back end of your code or licenses. 

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