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Hey there! We hope you are enjoying your time exploring the Bloom Mannor, but in the event you’ve run across an issue, we’d love to hear from you. Below you’ll find information on a few of the most commonly reported issues; if what you are experiencing isn't listed, please submit a ticket and include:

  1. Steps on how you got the issue to occur
  2. Any videos or images of the issue
  3. How frequently the issue has occurred
  4. Your system specifications (processor, graphics card, RAM)

Note that this list is not all-inclusive. As of July 26th, 2022:

  • When leaving a room, Victoria sometimes clips slightly through the ground. Players can resolve this by jumping most times. 
  • Under certain conditions Mothor becomes invincible near-death.
  • While dazed beforehand, Stingor's body doesn't follow the head when he chases Victoria. This is resolved once the daze effect wears off. 
  • The 'Rich Vein' Perk and 'Shoddy Material' impediment affect Edgar's shop prices inversely. 
  • Character movement will briefly stop shortly after the Bulb Key animation once all dialog text bubbles for that boss has been exhausted.
  • Sometimes the game crashes during Act 3 runs after having beaten 4-5 bosses 
  • Upgrades with numbers in the title only display the number in-game and not on the Tinkering Menu 
  • Keyboard controls do not list Mouse controls. 
  • Holding the select button for a fraction of a second causes the input to not register. If this occurs, players can press the button in the UI instead of holding it. 
  • When using the basic bulb, the flashlight can sometimes flicker uncontrollably. Players can resolve this by picking up a new bulb. 
  • Mini map does not immediately update when teleporting between zones. Moving to the next area resolves this. 



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