Known Issues



Hey there! We hope you are enjoying your time exploring the Bloom Mannor, but in the event you’ve run across an issue, we’d love to hear from you. Below you’ll find information on a few of the most commonly reported issues; if what you are experiencing isn't listed, please submit a ticket and include:

  1. Steps on how you got the issue to occur
  2. Any videos or images of the issue
  3. How frequently the issue has occurred
  4. Your system specifications (processor, graphics card, RAM)

Cheat Code Entry

We have some cheat codes going out for the demo through social channels. They have instructions, "when in-demo: press enter, type [CODE], press enter" However, it's important to note that this only works when in a run, not in a hub room

  • Cheat Code Instructions: After starting a run in-game by entering the doors in the hub area, press enter, then input the cheat code. Press enter again to activate it.

Pre-Order bonus of a free soundtrack

  • The game has a pre-order bonus of a free soundtrack -- however, soundtrack won't be available until game launches on July 14


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