Patch Notes (January 17th, 2023)

Greetings Commanders, 

We are happy to announce the release of our big 1.2 update for Homeworld Mobile.

This update marks the start of your T4 adventures. You won’t be able to build any T4 flagships yet, but you can already start fabricating a few T4 Strike Craft and one T4 Escort to help you tackle the numerous T4 missions we introduce in this update.

To obtain more gas to fabricate these ships, you will be able to mine gas at Jovian Planets starting with this update. Use the new Gas Collectors and collect gas for your adventure.

In addition, we introduce a new resource: Moon Crystals that you will need for fabricating ships in T4.

While roaming the galaxy, you also may now receive a Distress Call from allied ships that need help. By supporting them, you will be able to earn nice rewards! You additionally may be able to find a new mysterious system while progressing through the story.

Further, this update also introduces the first iteration of Clans for Homeworld Mobile. You will be able to start and join a clan and chat with your clan mates.

The update also introduces the new Screenshot mode, which can be used to switch off the UI to take epic screenshots of your fleet or the Nimbus Galaxy and a new settings menu in which you can choose between a lot of different graphical options.

Furthermore, we introduce several new UI changes and address many of the commonly known bugs that were reported by our community, such as [add Bug Fixes after we have finalized them]

We hope you will enjoy our newest update!

See you in Space,

Fleet Command

New Features


New Resource: Moon Crystals

  • This update introduces the new resource: Moon Crystals
  • You can obtain Moon Crystals only as a reward in T4 missions
  • You need Moon Crystals to build T4 intermediary parts
  • Moon Crystals need to be combined with refined metals in the refinery into a new type of resource

Gas Mining

  • Players are now able to mine gas in T3 and T4 with a special unit: The Gas Collector
  • To mine gas, you need to enter Jovian Planets
    • Each Jovian Planet has three accessible layers of atmosphere and each layer deals damage to all ships entering it over time, increasing with depth
    • Gas Collectors have inbuilt protection against the pressure and take less damage than other ships
    • After entering a layer, the Gas Collector will begin to harvest gas
    • They will return to the flagship once they are full and deposit the gas
    • Deeper layers have higher tiers of gas
    • Each layer contains only one gas type and the type of gas in each layer is different from Jovian to Jovian
  • Unlike Resource Collectors, Gas Collectors cannot repair ships

Introduction To T4

  • This update introduces the following T4 items for you to fabricate:
    • T4 Interceptor Squadron
    • T4 Plasma Bomber
    • T4 Assault Frigate
    • T4 Resource Collector
    • T4 Research Boost internal module
    • T4 Storage module
    • Strike Craft and Collectors will be available in uncommon, rare and epic variants. The Assault Frigate will be available in uncommon and rare rarity.
    • T4 won’t offer any common variants
  • You can now start T4 research in the research tree
  • You can now obtain several T4 resources:
    • Insignias
    • Ore
    • Gas
  • Added T4 intermediary parts
    • These parts need the corresponding T3 parts, gas and a new combined crystal-metal resource
  • Several signal and liaison missions will be available in T4


  • Every player can now either create or join a clan with fellow commanders
  • Every clan has their own clan page as well as a clan chat that can be used to communicate
  • Members of a clan will have a tag added to their username, i.e. [UTAN]Soeren
  • You can assign different roles to different clan members
  • The clan feature will be further improved in the future

Screenshot Mode

  • With the Screenshot Mode button, you will be able to switch off the UI of the game to take screenshots
  • You can switch on the UI by double tapping your screen



Tanoch Winter Celebration event ships

Tanoch Missile Frigate

  • Increased the fire control rage: 40 → 60
  • Hull damage: +9% (player), +50% (enemy)
  • Armor damage: +173% (player), +25% (enemy)

Tanoch Missile Corvette

  • Hull damage: +3% (player), +50% (enemy)
  • Armor damage: -50% (player and enemy)

Other player ships

  • The hit chance of torpedos has been reduced:
    • Against Corvettes: 55% → 15%
    • Against other Strike Craft: 30% → 8%

Enemy ships

  • The damage and cooldown of the Torpedo Launcher of the main enemy ship in the Star Totek mission was changed:
    • Cooldown: 10s → 12s
    • Hull Damage: 1750 → 1570
    • Armor Damage: 1400 → 1260
  • Decreased the armor, hull, hull damage and armor damage of enemy ships in the different system subtiers:
    • Enemy ships in the .1 subtiers now start with 100 instead of 108% health
    • Only subtier .9 remains unchanged


  • Adjusted the Rare Earth Chance and Rare Earth Amount perks of the brothers Pagraan and Mehemit Matara:
    • Rank 0 Rare Earth Chance: 21,06% → 26%
    • Rank 0 Rare Earth Amount: 11 → 16
    • Both perks get +1 per level up


  • Fixed the cost of the following researches (Credits, Research Points):
    • Plasma Bomber Evasion: 2000, 450 → 3000, 675
    • Interceptor Speed: 4000, 900 → 2000, 450
    • Plasma Bomber Armor Damage: 4000, 900 → 3000, 675


  • The Blueprints for the following turrets are added back to signal missions:
    • T2 Rare Crimson-4 Array
    • T3 Rare Crimson-4 Array
    • T3 Epic Fleet Model X2 Battery


New items

  • Now obtainable in the market: The new daily REE helper pack T4
  • Now obtainable in the Prestige market: T4 Research Code Fragments
  • Added different T4 blueprints to the market and liaison offices

Other market changes

  • Changed the amount of times you can buy some certain packs per day:
    • Daily Rare Earth Helper Packs: once per day → twice per day


Traveling Trader

  • You can now meet the Traveling Trader in rare signal missions
  • The Traveling trader is a large Iyatequa trading ship that offers unique items in their market
  • In order to trade with the Traveling Trader, you need to interact with the trader via the target menu
  • You don’t have to fight any enemies and don’t get any rewards in this mission

Distress Call

  • You can now join a new signal mission: Distress Calls
  • In these missions, you need to save an allied ships from attacking hostiles
  • These Distress Calls can go out from the Hiigarans, Iyatequa, Tanoch or Yaot
  • After defeating the first wave of enemies, there is a chance of a second wave incoming after the health of the first wave has depleted to 40% of their initial health
  • This chance is dependent on the tier of the mission:
    • T0: 0%
    • T1: 37%
    • T2: 50%
    • T3: 60%
    • Rare: 100%

Sijin lighthouse

  • Added the first T4 story mission: Sijin Lighthouse
  • You will receive a signal that may be sent out by your old friend: The Khar-Kaalad
  • After finishing this mission, a new challenge will open up for you

Other mission changes

  • The objective UI for the countdown goals in the Progenitor Activities and Combat Trials assignments now is shown in green when you successfully stop the countdown and red if the countdown drops to 0
  • The path through the debris on the right side in the Temple Tonaati mission was widened slightly
  • Disabled the marker in the Temple Tonaati mission on the respective other side when flying through the debris
  • Added two new T1 Cangacian systems called KRIITANA and ZE TAVAAN


New assignments

  • Added the new A Clan of Choice assignment to Chapter 6 that asks the player to join a clan
    • This follows the Declaration assignment
    • Players who already progressed further in the game, will receive this assignment
  • Added a new introduction assignment for Pahra’s Rock
  • Added several new assignments for T2
    • [more information missing]
  • Added several new assignments for T3 and T4
    • [more information]

Assignment requirement changes

  • The donation of Small Hull Parts T2 in the Supplying the War Effort assignment was changed: 2100 → 2000
  • Reduced the amount of scanning required for some assignment goals:
    • Preemptive Strike: 15 10
    • Art of Escape: 30 15
  • Changed several assignments from “Complete liaison missions” to “Complete liaison assignments”:
    • Connections
    • Liaison Office
    • Intermediary: Delivery Run
    • Intermediary: Patrolling Trade Routes
    • Intermediary: The Catch
    • Tanoch Relations
    • Iyatequa Relations
  • Reduced the number of progenitors you need to destroy in some assignments:
    • Hostile History: 20 → 10
    • Components: A Wide Exchange: 20 → 10
    • Components: repurpose the Past: 20 → 10
    • Intermediary: Patrolling Trade Routes: 30 → 15

Other assignment changes

  • Changed the flow of the assignments due to adding several new assignments in T2 and T3


New Icons

  • Several items have new icons now:
    • Research Schematics
    • Large Spoils
    • Recruitment Token

Officer Stats

  • Introduced several stats icons on officer cards
  • Officer cards now show the abbreviation of the corresponding stat name
  • All officer stats are now colored:
    • Blue: inactive
    • Green: active
  • Added the same coloring logic to the officer page

Assignments tab

  • Disabled the assignment images on the assignment description view
  • Moved the assignment step counter so it is aligned with the assignment name on the description view and the assignment cards
  • Changed the way items are shown in the assignments description:

Other UI changes

  • Removed the “Close” button from the feature unlock screen
  • Adjusted the color of item descriptions in multiple detail views
  • The fabrication menu now displays how many elements are being fabricated or can be collected
  • Added a XP reward animation to the game
  • Added the ability for the player to change graphic settings independently from graphics quality level
  • Added a storage <-> stash navigation to the storage and the stash
  • Added a “Rate Me” popup that appears in-game that asks you to give feedback about the game
  • Adjusted the animation of the exit button on the exit display HUD
  • Changed the Asteroid Cluster icons



  • Adjusted several SFX
  • Changed how near enemies are before triggering the “enemies close” voice line
  • Several audio improvements

Other changes

  • Players can now select the game issue type when submitting a support ticket via Zendesk







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