Patch Notes (September 27th, 2022)

Greeting Commanders,

Today, we are absolutely thrilled to launch Homeworld Mobile. We would like to thank you all for the amazing feedback you gave us during the Beta.

You can look forward to new content like a new resource, many mission reworks, and UI optimizations. Furthermore, you will see a multitude of balancing changes, for example to increase the importance of Strike Crafts. Additionally, we tackled several issues regarding lag, connectivity and FPS.

Today does not mark the end of development, but the beginning of the Homeworld Mobile journey. We will continue to release updates implementing both suggestions you have given us and our own plans. Stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy the changes and additions that were made.

See you in space!


In App Purchase Redemption

  • The servers have been wiped on September 12, all accounts have been preserved but their progression has been reset.
  • You can redeem all in-app-purchases you have made during early access, once you have finished the tutorial
  • After you have finished the tutorial, a popup will automatically appear and prompt you to restore your purchases via in-game mails.
  • You will need to use the same login method you used when doing the purchases.


Daily Login Rewards

  • You will now receive a daily login reward via in-game mail for the first seven days you log in.
  • Rewards are only sent for the days that you actually logged in.
  • You don’t need to login in on consecutive days to get the rewards.
  • The login rewards are reset at 3am UTC.



  • A new resource was added to the game: Gases.
  • Gases are only used in T3.
  • There are four types of gases: Gas E, Gas F, Gas G and Gas H.
  • Gases can be acquired in the liaison requisitions and will drop from signal and liaison missions with a 20% chance:
    • Gas E is available in the Iyatequa requisition
    • Gas F is available in the Tanoch requisition
    • Gas G is available in the Yaot requisition
    • Gas H can’t be bought in any market
  • All T3 parts now require gases to be built.
  • T3 Electronic parts now require gas H.





  • All Kiith “Crafting Cost” debuffs were changed to crafting speed debuffs.
    • Affected Kiithid: Kaalel, Paktu, S’jet, Somtaaw

Officer Skills

  • Missile Barrage damage bonus: x5 → x4.
  • Fusion Missile damage bonus: x10 → x8.
  • Fusion Missile cooldown: 13 seconds → 19 seconds.



  • All newly built flagships of T2 or higher no longer start with weapon turrets pre-installed. They still have an engine and a sensor module pre-installed.
  • The space needed by heatsinks has been increased:
    • T2: 42 → 56
    • T3: 36 → 48

We have received feedback that Strike Craft died a bit too quickly and were not important enough. To increase the importance of Strike Craft, we buffed several Strike Craft and nerfed several escorts and flagships. The following changes apply to ships of every tier and rarity:

Hiigarian ships

  • Interceptors:
    • Squad size 5 → 7
  • Plasma Bombers:
    • Hull +25%
    • Squad size 5 → 6
  • Resource Collectors:
    • Hull +13%
    • Armor +17%
  • Assault Corvettes:
    • Hull +5%
    • Squad size 3 → 4
  • Pulse Corvettes:
    • Hull +5%
    • Squad size 3 → 4
  • Assault Frigates:
    • Hull -25%
    • Armor -27%
  • Ion Cannon Frigates:
    • Hull -25%
    • Armor -36%
  • Torpedo Frigates:
    • Hull -27%
    • Armor -23%
  • Destroyers:
    • Hull -25%
    • Armor -25%
  • Expedition flagship:
    • Hull -23%
    • Armor -25%
  • All flagships (excluding Expedition flagship):
    • Hull -25%
    • Armor -25%


  • Interceptors:
    • Squad size 5 → 7
  • Attack Bombers:
    • Squad size 5 → 6
    • Hull +20%
  • Assault Corvettes:
    • Hull +13%
  • Missile Corvettes:
    • Hull +14%
  • Assault Frigates:
    • Hull -24%
    • Armor -25%
  • Destroyers:
    • Hull -22%
    • Armor -25%
  • Battlecruisers:
    • Hull -25%
    • Armor -23%
  • Turret Platforms:
    • Hull -9%



  • Scouts:
    • Hull +36%
    • Squad Size 3 → 4
  • Pulsar Fighters:
    • Hull +58%
  • Assault Corvettes:
    • Hull +2%
  • Assault Frigates:
    • Hull -10%
    • Armor -4%
  • Command Ships:
    • Hull -22%
    • Armor -23%
  • Battlecruisers:
    • Hull -22%
    • Armor -17%
  • Carriers:
    • Hull -25%
    • Armor -25%
  • Destroyers:
    • Hull -25%
    • Armor -25%



  • Assault Corvettes:
    • Hull +25%
  • Missile Corvettes:
    • Hull +25%
  • Scouts:
    • Hull +50%
  • Interceptors:
    • Hull +47%
  • Assault Frigates:
    • Hull -20%
    • Armor -20%
  • Missile Frigates:
    • Hull -20%
    • Armor -20%
  • Command Ships:
    • Hull -7%
    • Armor -26%



  • Type 8 Torpedo Bracket:
    • Hull damage 1000 → 1050
    • Armor damage 700 → 850
    • Projectile speed 8.5 m/s → 9 m/s
  • Hangar size:
    • T3 Carrier 10 → 6
    • T0 Expedition ship 4 → 3
  • Flagship storage size:
    • T2: 70 → 75
    • T3: 75 → 80



  • Level curve was adjusted: Now each level requires more XP than the previous level. Previously, you needed the same amount of XP for every level.
  • Frequency of adamant and blueprint rewards for level-ups:
    • Adamant: Every 2nd reward → every 5th
    • Interceptor blueprints: Every 5th reward → every 10th
    • Plasma Bomber blueprints: Every 10th reward → every 20th
    • The level ranges for T1, T2 and T3 blueprints have not changed.
    • Note that only one reward is given out per level.
  • Credits payout for level-ups:
    • Level 1 - 9: 20.000 CR → 3.000 CR
    • Level 10 – 24: 25.000 CR → 3.500 CR
    • Level 25 – 99: 30.000 CR → 4.500 CR
    • Level 200+: 40.000 CR → 5.000 CR
  • Credits payout for liaison quests:
    • T1: 350 → 700
    • T2: 400 → 1100
    • T3: 450 → 1400
  • Increased the Credits payout for signal missions by 50%.
  • Signal and liaison missions may now drop insignias of a lower tier:
    • T1: 10 R1 Insignias
    • T2: 10 R2 or 15 R1 Insignias
    • T3: 10 R3, 15 R2 or 20 R1 Insignias
    • Epic missions drop double the amount of Insignias.
  • Increased the XP you gain from destroying enemies by 75% and added a Tier multiplier:
    • T2 enemies give double the amount of XP gained from T1 enemies
    • T3 enemies give three times the amount of XP gained from T1 enemies



  • Added a bonus payout to adamant packs when buying them for the first time.
  • Added an “Out of stock” state for market items
  • Adamant in Daily Free Currency Pack: 100 → 50
    • Credit payout remains the same.
  • Cost of Common Hiigaran recruitment token: 12.500 → 49.000 CR
  • Credit prices of permanent blueprints in the market and liaison requisition:
  • Ships
    • T0 Assault Corvette Squadron: 9900 → 59000 CR
  • Turrets
    • T1 Type-5 Launch Pad: 144000 → 190000 CR
  • Parts
    • T2 Small Hull parts: 1500 → 49000 CR
    • T2 Small Weapon/Module parts: 15000 → 349000 CR
    • T2 Large parts: 40000 → 390000 CR
    • T3 Small Electric parts: 75000 → 590000 CR
    • T3 Large parts: 90000 → 690000 CR
    • T3 Large Electric parts: 150000 → 790000 CR
  • External Modules
    • T2 Sensor: 30000 → 349000 CR
    • T3 Torpedo: 52500 → 749000 CR
    • T3 Sensor: 180000 → 649000 CR
  • Internal Modules
    • T2 Sensor Range: 40000 → 290000 CR
    • T2 Engine Booster: 45000 → 290000 CR
    • T2 Mass Driver Anti-Hull 50000 → 390000 CR
    • T2 Mass Driver Anti-Armor: 55000 → 390000 CR
    • T2 Fabricator: 60000 → 390000 CR
    • T2 Refinery: 60000 → 390000 CR
    • T2 Storage: 80000 → 349000 CR
    • T3 Fabricator: 135000 → 790000 CR
    • T3 Refinery: 135000 → 790000 CR
    • T3 Storage: 180000 → 690000 CR
    • T2 Missile Range: 80000 → 349000 CR
    • T2 Missile Anti-Hull: 80000 → 390000 CR
    • T3 Missile Range: 180000 → 649000 CR
    • T3 Missile Anti-Hull: 180000 → 749000 CR
    • T3 Ion Anti-Hull: 180000 → 749000 CR
    • T3 Ion Anti-Armor: 180000 → 749000 CR
    • T3 Pulsar Anti-Hull: 700000 → 749000 CR
    • T3 Pulsar Anti-Armor: 700000 → 749000 CR
  • The blueprint for the T1 Colchis Launch Cluster is now available in the market for 190000 credits.
  • The small T3 parts blueprints can now be purchased in the market after completing the Exploration III, Production III and Combat III quests:
    • Each blueprint costs 490000 credits
  • New gas packs are now available in requisitions:
    • Each pack offers 250 gas units for 49000 credits.
    • Each pack can be purchased 4 times per day.
    • The packs are unlocked at level 3 of their respective faction.



  • Added a function that gives you the option to choose which mission will be tracked.


Wiracoda Gate

  • The goal “Help the Kahr-Kaalad" was renamed to “Move to Khar-Kalaad".
  • The Goal area to successfully complete the “Move to Khar-Kalaad" step was made significantly larger.
  • Fixed the missing attack highlights.
  • Removed the “MoveTo” markers at the start.
  • The Tormentor that needs to be destroyed now has more health and armor:
    • Hull: 10050 → 15000
    • Armor: 1350 → 2500



  • The final battle now has more enemy units and more allied units.
  • Tepin Papan joins the battle now after the battle has already started.


Other mission reworks

  • In Meropis Defense you now must defend two hyperspace transmitters of a communication station at the same time by splitting up your fleet into groups.
  • The Meropis Defense mission was moved: Ekaam Nar → Ariitar.
  • In the The Pool mission you now have to destroy multiple defensive platforms to learn about weapon ranges and projectile accuracies.
  • The The Pool mission was moved: Ekaam Nar → Niirea Paas.


Asteroid Belts

  • The spawn mechanic in different asteroids was changed:
    • After jumping into a belt, the first random enemy wave is spawned between 40 and 160 seconds.
    • The next wave will spawn between 40 and 160 seconds after defeating the first wave.
    • If you couldn’t defeat the first wave within 120 seconds, a new wave will also appear between 40 and 160 seconds after that time has passed.
  • In T0 asteroid belts, you will now always find asteroids in your sensor range.



  • Maximum group size: 4 → 3
  • Added a voice chat option to strike lobbies.
  • Strike quest rewards now give out 10 insignias of the previous tier in addition to other rewards.


Pahra’s Rock

  • You can now enter the Pahra’s Rock strike again.
  • The Pahra’s Rock strike rewards have been removed from the Station Defense strikes.
  • Pahra’s Rock is now unlocked with the Flagship Construction T2 quest instead of the Station Defense quest.
  • The second enemy wave now spawns at 50% base health.
  • The third enemy wave now spawns at 25% base range.
  • Removed the sensor calls at 80% and 50%.
  • Pirate turret platforms firing range: 75 → 45.
  • The dialogue will start after the in-game sequence is finished.
  • Your spawns have been moved further away from the main objective.
  • Removed 30 asteroid spots.


Station Defense

  • Fixed the wave respawn after the beacon is destroyed.


Pirate Hideout

  • The heroic Pirate Hideout strike is now unlocked with the Weapon Turrets T2 quest instead of the Station Defense
  • The boss wave at the end will now forcefully follow the flagship.
  • The in-game sequence now shows all intended ships.
  • The dialogue will start after the in-game sequence is finished.
  • Pirate turret platforms firing range: 75 → 45.
  • Your spawns have been moved further away from the main objective.



  • The Cangacian Hideout quest is now no longer mandatory for main quest progression.
  • The Large Weapon Parts and Large Machinery Parts quests no longer require you to buy the blueprint and also require you to build fewer parts to complete the quests: 400 parts → 100 parts.
  • Reduced the crafting and donations needs of parts in quests to 40% of their prior needs.
  • In the Hidden in the Dark quest, you now need to move to Devadaasi (T1) instead of Mituul (T2). Additionally, the scan requirements were changed from T2 to T1.
  • The last step of the The Cratographer’s Promise quest now requires you to scan 50 T2+ objects, instead of 50 T1 and 50 T2 objects.
  • The The Catch quest had its third goal changed from “Destroy Tanoch” to “Destroy any ships”.
  • The Pulsar Corvette Schematics quest no longer requires you to research them. Instead the quest goal now is to craft a Pulsar Corvette.
  • Changed the requirements of some quests that required upgrade of specific items. The new requirements are:
    • Hunting the Wren: Own one weapon module at level 6.
    • A Full Quiver: Own two weapon modules at level 5.
    • An Honest Job: Own two modules at level 7.
    • The Barrier: Own one module at level 8.
  • The Fabricator Module quest now can be completed by installing internal modules of any tier.
  • The Yaot Rebel Fleets quest is now unlocked through the fifth quest of the Cangacian questline.
  • The Tanoch Renegade Fleets quest is now unlocked through the fifth quest of the Yaot questline.
  • Scan quest goals now define the type of scan, the tier of the objects to scan and the scanned object type.
  • Escalating quests were renamed. Instead of having unique names, each quest in a category now has the same name with a roman numeral at the end. For example: Tanoch Renegade Fleets I.
  • XP gain from main quests:
    • T1: 150 → 225
    • T2: 225 → 675


Liaison Quests

  • Faction XP gain of daily quests: 15 XP → 150 XP.
  • Level curve was adjusted: Now each faction level requires more XP than the previous level. Previously, you needed the same amount of XP for every level.
  • XP gain of liaison assignments:
    • T1: 9-22 XP → 15-30 XP
    • T2: 9-22 XP → 30-45 XP
    • T3: 9-22 XP → 40-60 XP
  • Variance of liaison assignment goals:
    • Number of missions 1-3 → 1-2
    • Number of enemies in missions: 2-10 → 4-8
    • Donation: 300-1000 minerals → 350-700


Changes in quest rewards

  • The Increasing Firepower quest now awards a random rare officer.
  • The Remote Mining quest now awards a random officer.
  • The Meropis Defense quest now awards a T1 assault corvette blueprint .
  • The Signal Tracking quest now awards 500 more credits (1000 → 1500).
  • The A Proper Shakedown quest now awards 500 T1 A ore instead of a random officer.
  • The Crew Promotion quest now awards a random uncommon officer.
  • The Cangacian Hideout quest now awards a random officer.
  • Changed the rewards of the escalating quests:
    • The first quest always awards 3000 CR
    • The second quest either gives out 3000 T1 ores, 210 refined T2 materials, 180 T3 parts or 10 rank 1 insignias
    • The third quest now always gives out 6500 CR and variable secondary rewards



  • Homeworld Mobile now supports the languages Brazilian-Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian and Polish. The display language can be changed in the settings menu.


  • Updated Donation quests UI to visualize elements that have to be donated.
  • Added a text that displays why you cannot research, craft in shipyard or assign an escort.
  • Loadout escort list now also shows ships that don’t fit the slot in a separate category.
  • Created an event UI display to showcase current events if one is active.
  • Created a subtitle for mission titles on the missions which appears when an event is active. This subtitle will show the event name.
  • Added an “unlimited” icon for unlimited items.
  • Added HelpCenter, Support, Clear Cache and Delete Profile buttons in the settings menu.
  • Added UI for Container drop chances to storage and market.
  • Added icons to galaxy map & target list that indicate which systems have a capital station.
  • Added info to station target list details listing available services.
  • Increased the time for the target list closing automatically: 5 seconds → 10 seconds.
  • The item gained and item lost log messages now also state the tier of the corresponding item if appropriate.
  • After buying an item in the market, the view will return to the list overview instead of staying on the details.
  • Unreachable star systems on the galaxy are now shown in light grey.
  • Several minor changes to streamline and optimize the UI.





  • Research points generation speed: 90 per hour → 50 per hour.
  • Research points cap: 225 → 200.
  • The remote mining yield research projects have been temporarily disabled. They will be reactivated in an upcoming update.

Galaxy/System map

  • 9 new T1 systems have been added that all belong to the Iyatequa faction.
  • The systems “Saami Ra”, “Tunda Miraan” and “Tibata” have their hyperjump difficulty increased from 110 to 210 to match their tier.
  • There will now be a short loading sequence before you travel to another system.



  • The cost of all resource controllers and resource collectors have been adjusted:
    • The cost of B and D type minerals needs have been halved.
    • M and C type ore and small module part needs have been doubled to compensate.
    • The fabrication cost of the T3 Resource Controller is exempt from this change.



  • Increased the credit cost of officer upgrades by 20%.
  • The Ion Cannon Shot ability now increases the cooldown of the targeted ship:
    • An enemy hit by this ability will shoot 3 times slower.
    • The effect lasts 7 seconds.


Loading Screen Hints

  • Added over 25 new hints.
  • Added over 30 lore snippets to the loading screen hints.



  • The Deceleration stat was removed and is no longer displayed for units and items.
  • The Deceleration buff from officers has been removed. You will no longer get officers with the Deceleration buff perk .
  • Internal modules and research that previously buffed Deceleration no longer do, but still buff speed, acceleration and/or agility with the same values as before.


Player Support

  • You are now able to create support tickets and chat with Gearbox’s player support via the “Support button” in the settings menu.
  • You are now able to open the Zendesk Help Center by clicking “Help Center” inside the settings menu.


In-Game Chat:

  • You are now able to block other players in the in-game chat. This means you won’t see messages the blocked player sends in the chat.



  • Several stability improvements and performance optimizations regarding:
    • Rendering of ship trails
    • Navigating the UI
    • Switching between system & galaxy map
    • Receiving item update messages
    • Audio


Bug Fixes

We fixed the following bugs:

  • Fixed that level Up rewards were being awarded incorrectly for both level 1 and level 2 when you collected the rewards for level 2.
  • Fixed that the game required a restart in order to progress once Gulf Taln was completed.
  • Fixed that profile and faction XP displayed the wrong numbers for the current XP.
  • Fixed occasional lag spike when multiple units get shown/hidden.
  • Fixed unintended auto camera behaviour in Wiracoda Gate.
  • Fixed incorrect graphic being used for shop badges (e.g., “most popular”).
  • Fixed UI breaking when trying to enter a strike lobby without having selected a name.
  • Fixed Resource Controllers not starting to mine under certain conditions.
  • Fixed not being able to level up officers newly assigned to squad/escort before applying loadout changes.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the reward UI after a mission only showed part of the credits reward received, even though it was correctly added to the storage.
  • Fixed that sometimes the build button was showing green after collecting a finished flagship, even if you don’t own another blueprint for that ship.
  • Fixed background of event display to make text on it more visible.
  • Fixed that an empty objective panel is displayed when you complete any daily or weekly mission with the favorite tag activated during the “Collect Rewards” objective of the mission.
  • Fixed that the Kiith change screen sometimes was enabled even with no Kiith change ticket available. This led to an unresponsive select button.
  • Fixed that the Tanoch Destroyer Torpedo was classified as Kinetic instead of Torpedo.
  • Fixed that the Kiith pattern for Kiith Kaalel of the T3 Destroyer was not properly used.
  • Fixed that the freighter in Civilian Rescue and Safe Passage missions sometimes was invisible.
  • Fixed that the “go to” button for crafting in shipyards sometimes didn’t work.
  • Fixed that ship icon markers & health bars sometimes got stuck on screen after completing a strike.
  • Fixed that you were able to spam-click the “join lobby” button which could lead to infinite loading.
  • Fixed strike lobbies showing old names after a name change.
  • Fixed that the notification indicator for maximum research points was being shown on internal HUD button when research wasn’t unlocked yet.
  • Fixed some external menu icons showing the same placeholder icon.
  • Fixed an issue with the amount of text shown on market elements.
  • Fixed an issue in the internal module profile step that didn’t calculate capacities correctly, leading to compartments filled over maximum capacity.
  • Fixed that the highlight arrow sometimes had wrong orientation when pointing on target list tabs.
  • Fixed a small typo in the First Cinematic (Hyperpsace → Hyperspace).
  • Optimized missile barrage-sfx CPU usage.
  • Fixed that engine handling sometimes picked up other sounds and changed their pitch unintentionally.
  • Fixed that upgrading a fabricator while it is fabricating a fabricator with the same blueprint ID wasn’t possible.
  • Fixed that upgrading the Sensor range of Basic Sensor Arrays with Sensor Range Booster modules wasn’t working properly and that the changed values were not displayed in the Basic Sensor Array detail view.
  • Fixed that sometimes scannable missions and asteroid clusters were shown as “Unknown Signal” in the system map after being scanned.
  • Fixed that jumping to a station after losing an escort led to infinite loading and required the you to wipe their progress.
  • Fixed that the Blueprint icon for the “Type 8 Torpedo Bracket” was missing.
  • Fixed that the T3 Progenitor Drones and Tormentors were displayed as T2.
  • Fixed that an error message appeared after changing the flagship when you added an internal module.
  • Fixed that in the level track not collected rewards still show as “collected” in the UI.
  • Fixed that when opening any liaison office for the first time the “okay”-button displayed “button”.
  • Fixed that on iOS sometimes push notifications can be seen while being in-game.
  • Fixed that only the first Rare Earth of a tier could drop.
  • Fixed that T2+ scan quest goal parameters were mistaken as T1+ parameters and an incorrect quest description was displayed.
  • Fixed that the Shipyard quest didn’t display the correct quest instructions in the HUD. It now shows “Fabricate items” instead of “Construct Assault Frigate 0/1”.
  • Fixed that the goal “Install Fabricator Module” in the Fabricator Module quest didn’t progress when equipping a fabricator.
  • Fixed that the scan quest goals of the The Cartographer’s Promise quest were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed that the highlight arrow on skill buttons disappeared sometimes.
  • Fixed unintended delays between tutorial cinematics & sequences.
  • Fixed the debug string !populationempty! Sometimes being shown on the galaxy map.
  • Fixed the missing highlights for some shipyard related sequences.
  • Fixed that the quest Fabricator Module displayed a placeholder string for its goal description.
  • Fixed that sometimes the Missile Barrage skill visually missed its target.
  • Fixed a potential crash when you send Resource Collectors to repair another player’s flagship.
  • Fixed that while upgrading an external module, the confirmation menu stays on screen after using the device back key to quit the menu.
  • Fixed that the objective “Mine RU type A Tier 0/1000” in the mission Mining Equipment kept updating on the mission tab if it has been set as favorite, even if the goal has been reached.
  • Fixed that the market and assignments tab overlapped after selecting the speed up button when not having enough adamant.
  • Fixed that you coulddisappear from a strike after changing your Kiith during the strike.
  • Fixed hyperlinks for multiple quests.
  • Fixed that sometimes officers couldn’t be assigned to another slot if they weren’t vacated before.
  • Fixed that some modules displayed “No perks: 0%” stats.
  • Fixed that the donate missions in liaison requisition only had “0/600 RU Type A Refined” and “Donate 0/400 RU Type B Refined” as objectives.
  • Fixed that mounting or dismounting internal modules while upgrading led to errors.
  • Fixed that the “start research” button was shown for max level projects.
  • Fixed hyperjump strength not updating correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed that the unit tray was not functioning properly sometimes after making changes to loadout.
  • Fixed the fleet indicator and scan VFX not being positioned correctly after jumping to another system.
  • Fixed flagship movement being stopped when entering the ship side view.
  • Fixed that sometimes changing the flagship in a loadout was not working.
  • Fixed placeholder sprites being visible in log messages for feature unlocks.
  • Fixed an issue in which Interceptors and Bombers could overlap on top of each other.
  • Fixed that mission, station and belt icons were not being visible after completing a signal mission.
  • Fixed chapter UI not updating correctly.
  • Fixed long chat messages being cut off.
  • Fixed that the The Rebuilding Efforts quest automatically completed as soon as you got it.
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