Stats and Accomplishments Not Being Displayed Properly

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Borderlands 2 sends your Loot Hunt data to the server when you exiting a Borderlands 2 session. When exiting, please ensure you are selecting “Save and Exit” and then wait at the Main Menu for a minute before turning off your system -- abruptly exiting the game could result in lost data.

Typically, most reports of the profile page not reflecting a player’s latest accomplishments are a result of processing time and waiting a few hours tends to resolve this. 

If after a few hours your accomplishments are not reflected, this indicates the possibility that your data was not received or there may be an issue regarding eligibility or opt-in -- please ensure that you are playing Borderlands 2 online while logged into a SHiFT account that has been linked to your in-game profile and Borderlands 2Loot and that you meet the eligibility requirements listed in the Official Rules. Players can earn one entry per day. An entry is earned when the Daily Bounty is dropped by the Daily Target in an online-connected game. All players in the session earn an entry when the Daily Bounty drops. Players must be online-connected for the entry to be recorded.

Unfortunately, we are not able to credit accomplishments that were not detected by our system. If you feel that this is an ongoing issue, please file a ticket containing your SHiFT e-mail address, link to your Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt profile (found on the My Stats page after enabling sharing) and details about what you feel is missing so that we can investigate your account further.

PLEASE NOTE: Data tracking and stat updates are currently not available for players outside of the United States. However, players outside of the United States can still participate in the Loot Hunt to reap the benefits (and loot) of the Daily Targets and Community Rewards as well as updates to make certain weapons more powerful.
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