Loot Hunt - Entry Details / How It Works

To opt-in for the Borderlands 2 $100K Sweepstakes

a) visit

b) click “SIGN UP NOW”

c) register by signing in to a SHiFT account.

A SHiFT account linked to the in-game profile is required for participation. Players can ensure their SHiFT account is linked to their in-game profile at the Borderlands 2 Main Menu by selecting Extras then SHiFT Codes -- players without a linked account will be prompted to sign in or create a new account.

Targets, Bounties and Community Goals will be posted on daily though November 8. Please consult the official rules for details regarding eligibility.

Players can earn one entry per day. An entry is earned when the Daily Bounty is dropped by the Daily Target in an online-connected game. All players in the session earn an entry when the Daily Bounty drops. Players must be online-connected for the entry to be recorded. Once an entry is recorded and processed for the player, confirmation will be displayed on the “My Stats” section of – due to processing time, an entry may not be immediately reflected on the site and could take up to a few hours. For optimal data transmission, when exiting a Borderlands 2 session, please ensure you are selecting “Save and Exit” and then wait at the Main Menu for a minute before turning off your system. Abruptly exiting the game could result in lost data.

PLEASE NOTE: Data tracking and stat updates are currently not available for players outside of the United States. However, players outside of the United States can still participate in the Loot Hunt to reap the benefits (and loot) of the Daily Targets and Community Rewards as well as updates to make certain weapons more powerful.


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