PC: Steam Connectivity Issues

An update was released recently (9/25) that addressed some players' ability to connect to games on Steam. Please restart Steam for the update.

If you continue to experience Steam connectivity issues, please try the following:

Borderlands 2 uses Steamworks, so we recommend following their troubleshooting steps here to identify and resolve any networking issues:

If following the steps in the above doesn't resolve your issue, please submit a ticket to us with the following details:

  • Have you disabled any software firewalls that may be preventing other players from joining?
  • Is your anti-virus or other programs rejecting connections?
  • Are you on one of the networks that has Steam issues
  • Can you connect to others through invites/player list?
  • Can other connect to you through invites/player lists?
  • Can players connect to you when you are hosting a public game?
  • Can you connect to other players through quick match or match browser?
  • What is the name of your internet service provider?
  • What is the manufacturer and model number of your modem?
  • Is your modem plugged into a router? If so, what's the manufacturer and model number of that router?
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