Xbox 360: General Crashing / Freezing

Please ensure you have the latest update ( by launching Borderlands 2 while connected to Xbox LIVE. You will be prompted to install the update if you do not already have the latest version.

We recently identified an issue related to Badass Token distribution that could lead to freezing behavior.

A permanent solution will be available in a future update, but for the time being we recommend the following workaround:

- Check your Badass Rank Bonus Stats by opening the Challenges tab within the Character Menu.
- If four stats are significantly lower than the others, accumulate / spend Badass Tokens to even out your stat distribution.
- If you need additional Badass Tokens to help even our your stats, let us know how many Badass Tokens you currently have and we'll do what we can to help you out there.

Any freezing caused by this issue should no longer occur once your Badass Rank Bonus Stats are evenly distributed. Once the update has been released, you won't have to worry about uneven allocation causing freezing behavior.


If you continue to experience freezing issues after following the instructions above, please try the following:

The title update may be corrupted. Clear the system cache of your Xbox 360. This will remove all downloaded game updates, and allow you to re-download any game updates that may be corrupted. You can find instructions here:

We also suggest that users restore their Xbox Live profile by deleting and re-downloading using these instructions:

To ensure that none of your downloadable content is corrupt, please delete and re-download that content using the steps below:

1) Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and select System Settings.

2) Select Storage or Memory.

3) Select the storage device containing Borderlands 2 downloadable content, including the Compatibility Pack.

4) Select Games and Apps, then Borderlands 2.

5) Highlight the Compatibility Pack, press A and then select Delete and hit A again.

6) Repeat this for all other Borderlands 2 downloadable content.

7) Boot Borderlands 2 while connected to Xbox Live.

8) When prompted, re-download the Compatibility Pack.

9) Additional content can be re-downloaded through the "Downloadable Content" portion of the Borderlands 2 Main Menu as well as the Xbox Live Download History of the account used to purchase it:

If your issue is not resolved once this update is released, please contact us again with the following details so we can investigate further:

- Are you connected to Xbox LIVE?
- Exactly when and where are you experiencing the issue -- at the title screen, in a certain area, after a certain amount of playtime, etc.?
- If you create a new profile and attempt to play the game with it, does the issue still occur?
- What is the Model Number listed on the back of your Xbox 360?
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