PlayStation 3: General Crashing / Freezing

We'll likely have some more detailed troubleshooting in the coming days, but here are a few common steps that have worked for others:
- It's possible the update was corrupted. Try deleting and re-downloading the update.
- If you obtained Borderlands 2 through the PlayStation Store, it's possible your installation may be corrupt. Please re-download.
- It's also possible that your downloadable content is corrupt. Please delete and re-download.
- Make sure you're running the latest PlayStation 3 firmware.

If you continue to experience issues after downloading the latest update, please submit a ticket with the following details:

- Are you connected to PSN?
- Exactly when and where are you experiencing the issue -- at the title screen, in a certain area, after a certain amount of playtime, etc.?
- If you sign in to a different system user, does the issue still occur?
- Was your copy of Borderlands 2 downloaded from the PlayStation Store?
- What version firmware is your PlayStation 3 running? 
- What is the Model Number listed on the back of your PlayStation 3?
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