Issues With Using a Mouse in Homeworld 2 Remastered

Some players using 1080p monitors have reported issues with their mouse cursor not being able to move to all areas of the screen. This is due to Windows running in higher than default DPI (dots per inch) settings. We’re working on a code fix to remedy this, but in the meantime you can:

  • In Windows go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Display, and set the DPI to the “Smaller” setting.


  • Go to the steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release folder and look for HomeworldRM.exe
    • Right click the .exe file and go to Properties
    • Go to the Compatibility tab
    • Check the box for “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”

The issue can also be addressed by playing the game in windowed mode in a resolution other than 1920x1080.

If you continue to experience issues, please submit a support request at

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