Survivors of the Void NOW AVAILABLE on Console!

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Patch Notes 

This update adds support and content for the Survivors of the Void Expansion for Risk of Rain 2 on console! 

With this update, all supported platforms have the same content and bug fixes. When we developed this patch, we took a holistic approach that focused on unifying PC & console. This means we'll reduce platform-specific bugs and bring fixes and new content to console players much faster. We're excited about the future of Risk of Rain 2 and can't wait for you all to join us. 

There have been several previous updates to the Risk of Rain 2 PC experience. These updates include balance changes and bug fixes that had not yet been addressed in the console versions of the game. This update is also addressing those issues, and regardless if you purchase DLC all players will be receiving all the previous updates, which you can view in previous PC Patch Notes here ( As it’s an extensive list, we will not be calling out specific community changes or bug fixes here. We’ll focus on the new content arriving with Survivors of the Void

As always, join us on social media to stay up to date on game news. For any additional feedback or issues you see while playing, please submit a ticket to

Major Content Changes

The changes below will be applied to owners of the Survivors of the Void Expansion. For players that have miraculously avoided any spoilers, and would like to continue doing so, we suggest not reading the patch notes below.  

When jumping into multiplayer, remember that only one player in the lobby needs to own the expansion to enable that content for everyone. However, only players that own the expansion will be able to unlock and play as the new Survivors. 

  • Added Game Mode: 
    • New Game Mode: Simulacrum 
      • The Simulacrum is a wave-based arena mode set within a Void simulation. It can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes and includes any unlocked artifacts for use. It is an endless mode that can conclude only in your simulated demise. 
  • Added Alternate Ending: 
    • [REDACTED] 
  • Added 2 Survivors:
  • Added 2 Survivor Skins: 
    • Railgunner Skin: Marksman 
    • Void Fiend Skin: Purified 
  • Added 5 Stages: 
    • Siphoned Forest (Stage 1) 
    • Aphelian Sanctuary (Stage 2) 
    • Sulfur Pools (Stage 3) 
    • Void Locus (Hidden Realm) 
    • The Planetarium (Boss Stage) 
  • Added 9 New Music Tracks: 
    • Added 6 Stage Tracks: 
      • Prelude in D flat major 
      • A Placid Island of Ignorance 
      • Out of Whose Womb Came the Ice? 
      • Once in a Lullaby 
      • A Boat Made from a Sheet of Newspaper 
      • Who Can Fathom the Soundless Depths?
    • Added 3 Boss Tracks: 
      • Having Fallen, It Was Blood 
      • The Face of the Deep 
      • They Might as Well Be Dead 
  • Added 9 Monsters: 
    • Blind Pest 
    • Alpha Construct 
    • Blind Vermin 
    • Clay Apothecary 
    • Gup (and Geep and Gip, obviously) 
    • Larva 
    • Void Barnacle 
    • Void Infester 
    • Void Jailer 
  • Added 2 Elite Types: 
    • Mending 
    • Voidtouched 
  • Added 3 Bosses: 
    • Void Devastator 
    • Voidling 
    • Xi Construct 
  • Added Interactables: 
    • Void Cradle 
    • Void Potential 
    • Large Category Chest 
    • Crashed Multishop 
  • Added Item Tier: 
    • Void Tier Items
  • Added 41 Pickups: 
    • 18 Standard Items: 
      • Delicate Watch 
      • Mocha 
      • Oddly-shaped Opal 
      • Power Elixir 
      • Roll of Pennies 
      • Hunter's Harpoon 
      • Ignition Tank 
      • Regenerating Scrap 
      • Shipping Request Form 
      • Shuriken 
      • Defense Nucleus 
      • Ben's Raincoat 
      • Bottled Chaos 
      • Laser Scope 
      • Pocket I.C.B.M 
      • Spare Drone Parts 
      • Symbiotic Scorpion 
      • His Reassurance (Aspect Item) 
    • 14 Void Items: 
      • Benthic Bloom 
      • Encrusted Key 
      • Lost Seer’s Lense 
      • Lysate Cell 
      • Needletick 
      • Newly Hatched Zoea 
      • Plasma Shrimp 
      • Pluripotent Larva 
      • Polylute 
      • Safer Spaces 
      • Singularity Band 
      • Tentabauble 
      • Voidsent Flame 
      • Weeping Fungus  
    • 4 Lunar Items: 
      • Egocentrism 
      • Eulogy Zero 
      • Light Flux Pauldron 
      • Stone Flux Pauldron  
    • 5 Equipment Items: 
      • Executive Card 
      • Goobo Jr. 
      • Molotov (6-Pack) 
      • Trophy Hunter's Tricorn 
      • Remote Caffeinator 

Risk of Rain 2: Console Update 

  • The game has undergone an overhaul to improve physics, damage calculations, networking, performance, AI logic, and more.
  • Added Game Mode: Eclipse
    • This game mode adds stacking challenge modifiers to your run. Each time you beat the game, your Eclipse level permanently increases with that Survivor, up to a maximum of 8 times.
    • This mode is available to players playing solo. Multiplayer Eclipse mode is not currently supported on the console version of Risk of Rain 2. This feature will be added in a future patch.
  • Added support for the Survivors of the Void expansion. 
  • Addressed clipping issues, especially notable with players passing through walls. 
  • Improved knockback mechanics, and adjusted air velocity. 
  • Adjusted certain textures that were overly opaque, resulting in obscured vision. 
  • A new trophy has been introduced for players that defeat a new threat within the expansion. 
  • ‘Ignite’ effects are now all calculated the same way and always will deal half their damage over time. 
  • Introduced large variants of damage, healing, and utility chests. 
  • Cleansing pools are more common. 
  • Artificer's ‘Flamethrower’ now scales its damage ticks with attack speed. 
  • Addressed an imbalance where Distant Roost had fewer interactable credits than Titanic Plains, leading to fewer interactable spawns. 
  • Golems and Shrines can now appear snowy or sandy, in addition to their regular look. 
  • The game's difficulty timer will no longer halt upon entering the Void Fields. 
  • Void fog damage now scales with level and ignores armor, Tougher Times, Armor Plating, and Planula. 
  • D-pad navigation within game menus is now active! 
  • Updated various item descriptions, tooltips, and visuals to improve clarity. 
  • Bug fixes. 
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