Release Details

Release Details

Risk of Rain Returns will release on Steam and Nintendo Switch on November 8th 2023 - the exact 10 year anniversary of the release of the original Risk of Rain!

The suggested retail price of Risk of Rain Returns will be $14.99 however for a short period at launch there will be a -15% discount down to just $12.75

All of us at Hopoo Games want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for both following along during the development of Risk of Rain Returns and all the support you’ve given us over the last ten years. It’s been a wild ride and we have plenty of plans for the future…

…but that’s a story for another day. For today, let's take a look at the final new Survivor joining the roster for Risk of Rain Returns.

Revealed in the intro cinematic, the Pilot of the Contact Light is joining the survivor roster for Risk of Rain Returns - bringing with him a highly mobile and context-sensitive playstyle unlike any other survivor in the game.

The workhorse of Pilot’s kit is his standard attack Clusterfire - a triple burst shot where the third shot pierces enemies.

Great for damaging groups of enemies to set them up for your other abilities or to finish them off once you’ve already rained damage upon them from the skies..


…speaking of which the key to success when playing as Pilot is mastery of his utility ability - Rapid Deployment.


Launch into the air and deploy your parachute to glide while unleashing your full arsenal of weapons on the enemies below.


Your secondary attack Target Acquired is a diagonal blast dependent on your current airborne status. If you’re in the air it will auto target on the enemies diagonally below you. If you’re on the ground it will auto target airborne enemies.


Don’t worry about there not being as many flying enemies in the game - your special ability Airstrike can solve that particular problem.

Dropped below you if airborne - or placed at your feet with a backwards dash if you’re grounded - the Airstrike hits multiple times both damaging enemies and launching them into the air.


This gives you the perfect chance to juggle them with Target Acquired and finish them off with Clusterfire.


As with all the other survivors Pilot has three alternate abilities to unlock and discover when the game is released on November 8th.


Check out the video Dev Thoughts above for an extended gameplay clip of Pilot in action.

And That’s Not All

One last bit of news - for all you *very patient* console fans out there I am also very happy to announce that the Risk of Rain 2 Expansion: Survivors of the Void will be arriving on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on… you guessed it…. The 8th of November!

We’re all very excited for you to finally get your hands on Risk of Rain Returns and we really want to know what you think! The best way to give us feedback is by joining the Risk of Rain Discord where we will be opening a Returns-specific feedback channel - and we’ll also have channels for you to find groups for multiplayer along with dozens of voice channels to use.

The whole Hopoo Games team will be there and we’ll be eagerly reading all your feedback, so please join us for the release of Risk of Rain Returns on November 8th!

Cya then!

Hopoo Games
Community Manager

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