PC: Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Update Notes

November 2, 2016



  • Restored original sound FX quality 
  • Added option to disable auto-aim
  • Updated Duke3D.GRP file to work with source ports, and included original DUKE.RTS file
  • “Use” button now traces to the crosshair, removing the need to crouch to use low buttons
  • Widescreen aspect ratios now increase viewport width (rather than clipping height)
  • Fixed Prima Arena (E5L8) so players can get 100% kills
  • Improved sound ducking when listening to dev commentary
  • Fixed “Clear” and “Reset” buttons in the keyboard config menu having their functionality swapped
  • Pushing up on the right analog stick no longer toggles the run state





  • Fixed Workshop Uploader
  • Fixed Workshop map display name issues


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with mini bosses sometimes killing themselves with their own projectiles


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