Homeworld 3 Skirmish Mode FAQ

  • Where can I find more information on Skirmish Mode? 

  • How will matchmaking be determined?  

    • Players will be able to generate either public or private lobbies available to others only through invite. Players can also take advantage of the Quick Match feature to join a queue without a lobby. 

  • Can I filter the Matchmaking system to better find matches based on how I want to play? 

    • The Matchmaking system will have filters to help you find the exact type of Skirmish you’re looking for along with geographic filters to control what regions you’re playing in. 

  • What is the win condition in Skirmish Mode? 

    • In Skirmish mode, players secure victory by destroying all ships of the enemy team’s fleet. There is also a setting for victory based on destroying the opposing team's mothership or motherships. 

  • Will future win conditions or features be added after launch? 

    • We are currently focused on making the best possible version of the annihilation skirmish mode where the objective is destroying the entire enemy fleet. We don’t have future plans for Skirmish mode to announce at this time. It’s worth noting that with the tools provided for modding, we anticipate that our amazing community will devise some amazingly creative scenarios and conditions that we would have never thought of. 

  • How many players can join Skirmish Mode? 

    • Skirmish mode can be played 1v1 or with a max of 6 players (people or computers). 

  • What type of team configurations can I look forward to in Skirmish mode? 

    • Players can engage in a classic free-for-all or customize your configuration of players! (2v2v2, 3v3, 4v2, 3v1, etc!) 

  • Can I customize the Computer player difficulty levels? 

    • Yes, Computer characters will have multiple difficulty levels to choose from. 

  • Will more playable factions be added to the Skirmish game mode over time? 

    • At launch the game mode will enable players to play as either the Hiigaran Navy or the Incarnate. We have no plans to share at this time regarding additional playable factions coming to the Skirmish mode. 

  • Are there any plans for DLC content specifically focused on Skirmish mode? 

    • DLC content will be coming to the game in the form of both free updates and our Year One Pass content, all of which is currently aimed primarily at the War Games mode. Customization options such as emblems and engine trails that will be added through the DLCs for War Games will also be available in Skirmish mode. Additionally, through our partnership with the community will be empowered with access to the Unreal Editor and the ability to deploy mods for the Skirmish mode directly within the game client for other players to experience. 

  • Are there any plans for a competitive ecosystem supported by Gearbox or BBI? 

    • No plans for a competitive ecosystem supported by the development or publishing team at this time

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