Year One Roadmap and Updated PC Specs

Hello Commanders!

We are quickly approaching our May 13th launch date for Homeworld 3! Play on May 10 with advance access granted to players at the Fleet Command level, including those with Collectors Editions, and Fig backers.

Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition

Get a look at what is in the Collector’s Edition! Starting today, you might see unboxing videos of the Homeworld 3 Collector’s Editions hitting various publications and YouTube!

The Collector’s Edition includes the below, and digital pre-order bonus content:

Physical Goods
Digital Goods
14” Khar-Kushan Mothership
Homeworld 3
 base game Steam Key
3” Hiigaran Destroyer Figure
Homeworld 3
 Year One Pass
1.8” Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate Figure
Homeworld 3
 soundtrack by Paul Ruskay
WW2-inspired spotter playing card deck
Multiplayer customization set (includes: banners, ship decals, icons, name colors)
Homeworld 3
 logo keychain
Play 72 hours early (on May 10!)

Purchase the Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition: Amazon | GameStop | Target

Homeworld 3 Year One Roadmap for War Games


Today, we’re happy to share our year one roadmap will you all! These updates are aimed to provide players with a variety of content for the War Games game mode such as new challenges, artifacts, classes, systems, maps and playable factions.

Here’s what you have to look forward to in the year after launch:

  • June Free Content Drop: New challenges and artifacts.
  • July Paid DLC: New playable faction, new faction-starting fleets, artifacts and faction emblem
  • August Free Content Drop: New challenges, new artifacts and new map & system.
  • October Paid DLC: New playable faction, new faction-starting fleets and faction emblem
  • Fourth Quarter Free Content Drop: New challenges, map and more new content.

Our free content drops will be available for all owners of Homeworld 3, and feature new challenges, artifacts, maps, and systems! We will have more information on the contents of each drop closer to their release dates!

Included in the Collector’s Edition, and available separately, is the Year One Pass, which includes the three DLC drops that expand the co-op War Games mode with new playable factions and artifacts. These DLCs will also be available for purchase separately.

Updated PC Specs

On the road to launch the team has continued to improve Homeworld 3, some of those improvements include further optimization to performance and gameplay. As a result, we have lowered the recommended specs. Now, we'd like to present the most current recommended PC specs for Homeworld 3 when it launches on May 13!



We’re looking forward to beginning the search for the Khar-Sajuuk with you on May 13. Play on May 10 with advance access granted to players at the Fleet Command level, including those with Collectors Editions, and Fig backers.

Check out our previous post to caught up on Homeworld’s story for far.

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