Devotion Update


With the release of the Devotion Update, we’re excited to see players jump into the all-new stage of Verdant Falls. We’ve been working hard to deliver an unforgettable experience, and your support and patience mean everything. Aligned with our commitment to transparency, we wanted to provide an update on the content that you will be playing today.

During development, we discovered an issue that prevents the new track “It Can't Rain All the Time” on the soundtrack from being played on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. To get this content into your hands as soon as possible, we’ve decided to release the Devotion Update as is. The track will be corrected with the next patch. Tracks from Chris Christodoulou’s work on the base game will play in its place for now.

We know everyone is eager to hear more of Chris’s epic music, so he has released two new tracks on YouTube where you can enjoy them completely free, including "It Can’t Rain All the Time” and a guest track from Stavros Markonis. Chris’s music is a foundational pillar of Risk of Rain 2, and we can’t wait for you to experience his new work in-game.  

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