Devotion Update V1.10


Hello everyone! We're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to Risk of Rain 2: the Devotion Update! Packed with an array of exciting content, this free update addresses various item and map bugs across both the base game and the Survivors of the Void expansion. It also includes a super awesome collaboration…..

This update serves as a heartfelt token of appreciation to all who have contributed to making Risk of Rain 2 the phenomenal game it is today.

Let’s get into it!

New Content

Artifact of Delusion

Artifact of Delusion resets all chests once the teleporter event is finished and provides players the chance to receive additional items if they interact with the reset chests.

Whenever Players buy a chest before the teleporter event, the chest will remember what pickup was generated from it. After the teleporter event is finished Players can interact with chests that were previously bought (and have been reset). When the player interacts with the chest a small window will open up with three pickup options to choose from - one being the correct pickup generated from the chest, and two fake options will be mimicked from the Player's inventory. If the Player selects the pickup option that was originally generated from the chest, the Player will be given that item as a reward, making it so the Player has gained two items from that chest. If the Player selects the wrong pickup option, they will lose the item selected.

Artifact of Devotion

Replaces drones with interactive eggs that spawn Lemurian companions.

When interacting with an egg, a prompt pops up requiring a sacrifice of one item to spawn a Lemurian companion. The sacrificed item is given and applied to the recently spawned Lemurian. If multiple Lemurians are present in the party, items are shared between all Lemurians. Every teleport event survived by Lemurian companions triggers an evolution that gives them new attributes, makes them grow stronger, and gives an additional stack of the item they started with.

Devoted Lemurians start out with damage and health buffs equal to that of a normal elite to help them stay alive as well as scale according to the difficulty timer as other monsters. Each time a Lemurian evolves, they gain another stack of damage and defense buff to help their survival rate and incentivize players to stay ahead of the difficulty curve.

When Lemurians die, they drop a scrap of the same tier of item that they were given and their item is removed from the item pool.

New map: Verdant Falls

Verdant Falls is one of the lost regions players can explore in this new update. It’s a stunning map with a lush environment and allows players a lot of room to explore. We dive into more detail regarding this map and the other six maps coming to Seekers of the Storm in the Dev Diary here [LINK].

Crossover event with Dead Cells

A lot of you had the chance to play some Risk of Rain inspired content in Dead Cells a year ago so we decided it’s time to return the favor. Starting today a very special Mercenary skin has arrived in Risk of Rain 2 for all players. Drop in and take a look at it today. We think it will remind you of someone

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Forgive Me Please equipment no longer triggers on kill effect continuously
  • Artifact of Command no longer prevents Lunar Coins from spawning
  • Chest, Firework and Squid Turret exploit fixed
  • Demons and Crabs challenge unlocks normally

As ever - thank you to everyone who has given us feedback and reported bugs since the launch of the expansion, we appreciate each and every one of you! To keep up to date with any further updates please follow us on Twitter or join our Discord.

Until next time!

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