Oculus FAQ & General Troubleshooting


What’s the URL for the companion website?

Is the companion website compatible with all devices and browsers?

  • It is compatible with:
    • Most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, iOS browser, Android browser.
    • Most recent devices from major manufacturers.

How do I disconnect from the companion website?

  • Close the browser tab/window containing the companion website.

How can I calibrate my height?

  • Height calibration is done via the Oculus Guardian System.


  • After extended periods of gameplay (about 1h30), performance/fps will slowly degrade, from 72 fps to 65. 
    • Close and relaunch the game to resolve the problem.
  • If the companion website stops responding:
    • Verify both the Quest Headset and the device accessing the website have working Internet Connection.
    • Refresh the page on the device.
    • Erase Internet cache from the device.
  • The edge of the field of view screen is blurry and/or pixelated.
    • This is not a bug, but due to a process called Fixed Foveated Rendering, used to improve performance/fps. Center of vision should not be affected.
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