In-Game Mailbox FAQ

Where do I find the In-Game Mailbox?

  • The In-Game Mailbox can be found under the Social Tab in the Main Menu and the Pause Menu. While you can view your inbox from the Main Menu, you must be in a game to obtain items!

The Social Tab can be found at the Main Menu here:


And here it is in the Pause Menu:


Once in the Social Menu, you should see the Mail Tab here:


How do I know if I have mail?

  • When you receive mail during gameplay, you will see a pop-up notification appear briefly on the left side of the screen.

There will also be a mail icon underneath the mini-map:


How do I receive mail?

  • Note: Items can only be retrieved from your mailbox during gameplay!

First, pause the game and select the Social Tab:


Next, select the Mail Icon to view your inbox and accept your mail:


How do I send items to a friend? 

  • Use the In-Game Mailbox to share the wealth – Borderlands 3 introduces the ability to send items to your friends!

Open your Mailbox and select “Send Mail” at the bottom right corner of the screen:


Choose an item from your Inventory, then pick a friend:


Confirm when you’re ready – remember, you can’t get your item back!


…And you’re done!

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