How Connect and Use Borderlands 3 ECHOcast

What is ECHOcast? 

ECHOcast is an extension for Twitch that allows viewers to interact with livestreams of Borderlands 3 and receive free rewards for participation. You can watch a brief overview of the extension here. 

Here’s how the ECHOcast Overlay will appear while viewing a compatible Twitch stream:


The ECHOcast Flyout, located on the left side of the Overlay, will expand when clicked.

From left to right, you will be able to: 

  • Toggle the Flyout on / off
  • View the streamer’s Vault Hunter profile and stats
  • Inspect the streamer’s equipped gear and backpack inventory
  • View the streamer’s Skill Tree and character build
  • Display the streamer’s Guardian Rank information
  • View a list of possible live ECHOcast Events


The Controller Flyout, located on the right side of the Overlay, contains the extension options and allows you to toggle the Overlay’s visibility on / off:


 What are ECHOcast Events? 

ECHOcast Events are live, in-game events that allow viewers to participate in real-time via Twitch chat. The following events are currently available:

  • Rare Chest Event – Streamers can encounter rare Red Chests during gameplay, which when opened will prompt viewers to join the event. Viewers may opt in for a chance to select a piece of gear from the Red Chest to be sent to their ShiFT account for use in their own game.
  • Badass Event – When a Badass enemy spawns in a streamer’s game, chat participants will be able to vote for various buffs (Double Damage, Level Up, Heal) and rewards (Ammosplosion, Cashsplosion, Healthsplosion) associated with that Badass. Additionally, the Badass will be named after a randomly selected participant. (Note that participants do not receive a reward for Badass Events).
  • Pinata Event – When the streamer levels up, the streamer will receive a reward in the form of an in-game Pinata. Chat participants can vote on what loot is contained in the pinata. (Note that participants do not receive a reward for Pinata Events). 

How do I use ECHOcast?

The ECHOcast extension will automatically appear on any compatible Borderlands 3 Twitch livestream. No action is required to make use of the ECHOcast extension as a viewer. To participate, you must link your Gearbox SHiFT account to their Twitch account using the following steps:


  • Select the Twitch logo and sign into your Twitch account to link the accounts:


Now you’re ready to use ECHOcast! 

How do I receive my ECHOcast loot?

Viewers can obtain ECHOcast loot from Rare Chest Events via the In-Game Mailbox. The Mailbox can be viewed from the Main Menu and the Pause Menu, but players will need to be in-game to accept mail.

  • NOTE: Rewards from ECHOcast Rare Chest Events are valid for one year. Be sure to redeem your rewards before they expire! 

The in-game mail notification will look like this:


Pause the game and select the Social Tab:


Select the Mail Icon to view your inbox, and redeem your loot!



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