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Updated 04/25/2022

An Additional Language Added.

  • Brazilian Portuguese has been added!

What is a Endgame Character and How Do I Play the Story with Them?

  • An endgame character is the option to immediately jump to Player Level 50 and jump directly into playing endgame content.
  • if the user chooses an endgame character wants to go back and do the story they need to complete ALL of the objectives for the tutorial, that includes at least loading into a mission. After that, the user will be able to talk to Sanctum and start the legend of Orin.

How do you Exit a Spirit Mission Without Aborting it? 

Link to Post: Link

  • Leaving is pretty much like leaving any mission, just hit "Abandon"
    • To leave the loop is just hit Abandon. (loot is preserved)
  • The 3rd Loop is the last one and once the End Boss is killed everybody is returned to Sanctum

Past FAQ Questions

Achievements and Trophies between PS4/PS5

Question: Why are my Achievements and Trophies locked? I already have them unlocked on the other system.

Answer: You actually do not get the trophies automatically You will have to complete the requirements again, on a new character.

There's one exception: the trophy about reaching floor 20 of AToT will unlock automatically if the save file loaded ever got to that floor. 

Cross Gen Entitlements Disc vs Digital

Question: I have the game on disc for PS5 but it wont let me play it on PS4

Answer: If you happened to purchase the Digital Deluxe or Ascended edition on your PlayStation 5, you Automatically get the PlayStation 4 edition for your system. 

Disc for PS5 is unable to give access to the PS4 version of the game. If a player owns the disc, to get this to work on PS4 they will have to remove all entitlements of the disc and then purchase the digital version of the game on PS5.

If you owned the disc version of the PS5 edition we are unable to offer you a code to gain the digital edition.

Fire & Darkness Missions

Question: When I complete a mission while playing any of the expansion content (Fire & Darkness). The mission is still accessible, base game was not like this, is it a bug?

Answer: This is intended for missions in the fire realm.

Online connectivity

Question: My connection is terrible with my friend, is there something wrong with the server?

Answer: The connection is peer to peer which means it connects you and the other players through the power of the internet.

Skill Points

Question: How many Skill points exist in the game?

Answer: At the moment 72!

    • 49 by leveling to 50
    • 11 from the Story's End Boss missions and Side missions
    • 12 from Dreamstones


What kind of localization is available in Godfall?

Godfall’s text is localized into:
English, French, Canadian French, German, Italian, European Spanish, Latin American (Mexican) Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Godfall’s voiceover is English only.

How many players can play Godfall?
Godfall can be played solo or in co-op with up to three total players.

Is Cross-play or Cross-save available between PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4 and PC?
Not at this time.

Is Cross-play or Cross-save available between PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4?

Yes there is!

Is Godfall a live-service game?
Godfall is not a live-service game. While we do intend to patch for performance, bugs, and light content updates, the intended experience is that all content comes in the box.

Are there microtransactions in Godfall?
Godfall has no microtransactions in the traditional sense of small purchases for cosmetics or items tied to in-game power. Godfall will have a more formal, paid expansion coming in 2021.

Is an internet connection required to play Godfall?
Yes, there is an internet connection required to play Godfall.

Are there difficulty settings in Godfall?
Yes. We have an easy, medium, and hard setting to make sure the game is enjoyable for a wider variety of players than other melee combat titles.

What platforms can I play the game on?
Godfall will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store

Matchmaking Beta

Matchmaking has come to Godfall! Connect with up to two other players on the new Matchmaking tab for Ascended Tower of Trials and the new Lightbringer mode.

Can you tell me a little more about how co-op works?
Sure! Co-op is available after the tutorial missions are completed and you’ve reached the Sanctum for the first time. After that, the remainder of the game is available for co-op. Importantly, if you’re playing campaign missions in co-op, ALL PLAYERS in the party must have the chosen mission unlocked. All side missions and the Tower of Trials are always available in co-op play.

Ping System

A ping system has been added to enable better communication in multiplayer. Use pings to help coordinate on mission objectives and powerful enemies.

What about loot in co-op? Do we have to haggle over loot or is it instanced?
All loot in Godfall is instanced per player. No fighting over the spoils of war!

What about difficulty scaling in co-op?
The game lightly scales difficulty for a good experience for over OR under leveled players in a co-op session.

I’m having trouble with with the game, who should I contact for customer support?
Check out the Godfall knowledge base here. If that doesn’t help, file a customer support ticket with Gearbox Publishing here.

How do I redeem my pre-order bonuses?
For physical purchasers, there should be codes inside the box. If not, please contact customer support. For digital purchasers, these should be automatically unlocked for you with no further action. If you buy the pre-order bonuses separately, you will have the goods unlocked shortly after your purchase.

Is there somewhere I can find other people to play with?
Head to the Official Godfall Discord 1 and look for the #Godfall community channel, where you can link up with others LFG.

Does Godfall support ray tracing?

Ray-tracing is enabled for users using NVIDIA cards 20XX and up. Ensure that NVIDIA drivers are at 461.09 or newer along with Windows update version 19041 or newer.



Is PlayStation Plus required to play Godfall?
You don’t need PlayStation Plus to play singleplayer. You will need PlayStation Plus to play multiplayer.

What is PlayStation 5 performance like in terms of resolution and framerate?
Like many other titles, we have two options for you to choose between for in-game performance:

  • Favor Performance targets between 1080p and 1440p resolution and 60hz
  • Favor Resolution targets 2160p and runs between 30hz-45hz

Do you use the DualSense features like Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers?
Yes. You’ll feel the clash of weapons and different surfaces beneath your feet with the DualSense controller on PlayStation 5.

Is there a local multiplayer option?



Which PC storefronts is Godfall available on?
Godfall is exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

What are Godfall’s minimum specs?
Godfall’s min-spec is benchmarked to “Low’ graphics running at 1080/30FPS


Does Godfall feature controller support?

Can I rebind my keys?
You can rebind mouse and keyboard controls, but controller rebinding is not supported at this time.

Can I change my FOV?
Yes, there is a slider to adjust the Field of View.

Can I turn off motion blur?


Is this game optimized for ultrawide screens?

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