Game Modes

This page goes over the key differences between Saga Mode and Survival Mode.

  • Saga Mode: A game mode where players must build, craft, and fight their way to survive long enough to make their way to the Lair and face off against epic world bosses that change seasonally. 
      • Season 1 will build up to a face-off with Fenrir, the legendary wolf-child of Loki and Angrboða.
  • Survival Mode: Keep Ragnarok at bay as you defend your village against the enemies of Asgard. This endless mode is a survival-focused sandbox that challenges players by scaling in difficulty the longer you survive.
    • Survival Mode allows players to drop in and out of the world by going to their menu and selecting “Save and Quit.” 
    • The game will continue to progress if any player is in the world. IE. if you join on day 3, drop on day 8, but someone plays until Day 100...when you come back, it's Day 100.
    • Also, if the Tree of Yggdrasil dies during play the world will end for everyone, even if you are not currently in the session. 

Saving and Exiting the Game

  • Survival Mode:
    • If you’d like to leave the game and bank your meta XP, use the Abandon World option in your menu screen.
    • If you’d like to return to the world later (provided it hasn’t been destroyed by other players while you’re gone), use the Save & Quit option in the menu.
  • Saga Mode
    • Use the bifrost to end your game and exit the world with your Golden Horns and meta XP.
    • If you’d like to return to the world later, use the Save & Quit option in your menu.
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