Saga Mode: If you want to play with friends on Steam, you'll need to invite them directly through Steam. To do this: 

  • Hit [Control] to bring up your friends list
  • Select [Invite].
  • They’ll accept, and you’ll be partied up. 


For Survival Mode: Keep in mind that Survival Mode doesn't unlock until you reach level 3. This can be found in the upper left-hand corner of the main menu.

One person will need to create the world and set the parameters, then invite other players by: 

  • Go to ‘Other Modes’ tab
  • Select Survival
  • Select one of 3 world slots
  • Select New Game (if creating) select World List if joining anothers game
  • Set your parameters
  • Set to Private under type if you would like to add a password for your world
  • Make sure to note the name of your world
  • Other players will join by going to the world list instead of the “new game” option and locating your world by name / adding password needed
    • Leave your world set to Public if you’d like other random players to join your world.
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