Crossplay and You: An Epic Tale

thumbnail_updated-sotv-key-art-railgunner.pngHello Fellow Gup Enthusiasts!


Risk of Rain 2 and Survivors of the Void are coming to Epic Games Store! Welcome to all the new Survivors! Epic Games Store will have cross play with Steam and we want to make sure that you’re equipped with the best information about how cross play between Epic Games Store and Steam works for Risk of Rain 2 and how to dive in with your friends.

For Steam Users:

For Steam users, enabling cross play is quick, easy, and optional. If you’d prefer to continue playing as you always have on Steam, that’s completely fine! If you want to switch on Crossplay and get eviscerated by Mithrix with some friends over on Epic Games Store you can do that too! Crossplay is something you can opt into and back out of whenever you’d like. It’s important to remember, players who are opted in and those who aren't won’t be able to play together. Thankfully it’s very easy to change your Crossplay preference and quickly reload the game.


Enabling Crossplay on Steam:

  1. Load up Risk of Rain 2 on Steam
  2. The first time you enter multiplayer you'll receive a notification that Risk of Rain 2 now has Crossplay. You can enable Crossplay play directly from that notification or later in settings. (You will need to restart the game for the changes to take effect)
  3. Now you can join/invite other Steam users who have opted into crossplay, and join any cross-play games from the server browser.

  4. If you want to invite both your Epic friends and your Steam friends, there is an option to link your accounts in the options menu.
  5. When that button is selected, a browser window will prompt you to link your Steam and Epic Accounts. (you will need to make an Epic Account if you do not already have one)

If your accounts are linked, you can invite and receive invites from epic users, and cross-play enabled steam users. 


Now join your friends on Epic Games Store by using their lobby id from the clipboard (if the other cross-play/EGS user's lobby is public), via the Epic Games Store overlay, or by inviting players from the in-game lobby. You can also receive invites from your cross-play enabled Steam friends and your Epic Games Store Friends.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What if I want to disable cross play later?

    • That’s no problem, you just uncheck the box in the settings for Risk of Rain 2 and restart your game!
  • Will this change the way my friends and I play on Steam now?

    • Cross play is completely opt-in. If you and your friends want to just keep playing as you always have that is totally fine!
  • My Steam friends that have cross play enabled can’t join me!

    • Players that have opted into Crossplay and those that haven’t won't be able to to play together without changing that preference. Either have your friends temporarily uncheck the cross-play setting, or opt into cross play yourself, and you can play together again.




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