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Hey there Survivors! So I wanted to offer a quick reference guide for some of the more technical sort of questions. We do have this on our marvelous Discord but I also wanted to offer you a post here so you can have it at ease of access.

If you want to join the awesome Discord: Link Here

Encountering an Issue: Bonus Info We Love

If you have experienced an in-game issue, please close the game, then provide a detailed description and attach the following log file:

C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Hopoo Games, LLC\Risk of Rain 2\Player.log

If you want to be extra helpful, you can send that description + file as a ticket on our support page:


Output Logs and Crash Dumps

Output Logs While the game is running, it is continually writing to a file called output_log.txt. This file can help us get more information about the issue. If possible, please upload the file here. The file is usually located at:  C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Hopoo Games, LLC\Risk of Rain 2\Player.log

Crash Dumps If the game crashes it will generate a Dump file. Similarly to output_log.txt, it can help us track down the source of the crash. Please upload your crash dumps here if possible. The file is usually located at either: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Temp\Hopoo Games, LLC\Risk of Rain 2\Crashes\crash.dmp or C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Hopoo Games, LLC\Risk of Rain 2\Crashes\crash.dmp

Potential Crash Solutions

Link to Discord

General Solutions

- Go to the RoR2.exe in the local files of the game (NOT right-clicking in the Steam client) > right click on it > Properties > Compatibility > Change high DPI settings > check the High DPI scaling override box > switch the scaling from Application to System or System enhanced.

- Verify files via steam. Leftover mod data can cause issues. Be sure ALL mods are turned off and do not launch via r2modman. Mods will be fixed over time. - Your system may be running out of memory as the patch made launching take more RAM. Close ALL other programs aside from Steam and try again.

- Install the game on a different storage disk, restart your pc and then verify files (only applies if you have multiple storage disks, of course). - Check if the game has a config.cfg file. This is found in the Risk_of_Rain2_Data\Config folder. If not, verify files and see if it returns. If it doesn't, download the blank file from this link and place it there

- If you have multiple screens, unplug your additional screens and launch the game. When the game has launched, you should be able to plug them back in and have them function normally. - Certain graphic cards cause crashes inconsistently. Imput "-force-feature-level-10-1" in steam launch parameters (without the ""). Note: if water loses its texture, look up the highest DirectX your card supports and imput that into the launch parameters instead.


Unity Launching Crash

Link to Discord

General Solutions

The general Unity crash code for the engine, and we have a few solutions. Note: These first two solutions are for LAUNCH CRASHES only.

-The most common cause seems to be audio drivers inserting sound files the game does not recognize and thus resulting in a crash (audiodevprops2.dll). So far, the main culprit appears to be Sonic Studio 3, so if possible, please uninstall it and try again.

-Trying to start the game without AVX instructions enabled at the Windows level may cause this crash as well. You can enable AVX instructions by opening command prompt in admin mode and typing 'bcdedit /set xsavedisable 0' without the '' Other general crashes -You may have overclock enabled. Please disable it in your BIOS. Note that returning ram/cpu to their base clock speed also works if they automatically sync with each other.

-Certain programs like Citrix or other secondary GPU drivers could be interfering. This can potentially stop the game from launching, but it most often happens during gameplay. Please uninstall these programs.

-A driver may be broken or an installation of Visual C++ may be malfunctioning. Please open command prompt in administrator mode and type the following commands ONE AT A TIME, AND LET THEM FINISH before entering the next one. Copy paste without the '' 'sfc /scannow' 'chkdsk /r' 'DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth' 'memtest' (If it doesn't work, try winkey+R, then 'mdsched.exe' without '') -Manually reinstall Visual C++. You can download them from here ( In your programs list, this is listed as Visual C++ 2015-2019, delete and reinstall both x64 and x86.

Multiplayer Lobby Issues

Link to Discord

If you stuck on this black bugged character selection screen:


 There might be a couple issues with your game:

1) You used mods some time ago, it went well and then you took a break, returned without updating mods or its contigs and this happens. Your modded api is outdated, you need to uninstall the game with steam and then manually wipe the root folder of the game to delete leftover mod files. Don't worry game progress saved in other folder in steam userdata, however gfx settings will be reset. Do not install mods manually to avoid this situation. Use r2modman to care for you and integrity of game files.

2) You played the game before, and it was fine, but after you changed something in your OS, for example installed Microsoft Visual C++ for 2009 or 2015-2019 year, your game shows this screen.

Likely library's that contain instructions for game engine went corrupted. This might happen even without changes in your OS. Fix is easy, just uninstall said Microsoft Visual C++ libs from your programs and features menu in system menu. Download and install both 86 and 64 of those In rare cases uninstalling throws an error, but still says press ok. Make sure it is actually uninstalled. Same with installation of new ones. Read before you click. In both of those Ccleaner helps, it's a free software. Easy to use, press registry, run check, press fix for all. Restart pc and retry installation.

3) Most common issue — poor connection between host and you (client). You're always a client if you see this screen, host sees normal character select menu. Game runs on p2p connection type, with help of steam to find servers. Inotial connection thru steam might be good, but actual p2p connection failed to pass data from host to you. Most likely you forgot to turn your VPN service off, refused connections for the game in windows firewall when you run the game 1st time or misconfigured your NAT. First of all try to fix your network, if was working even an hour ago doesn't mean it is actually working. If you have dynamic ip (most of us do) Your connection session to your provider changes each 24hr and each reconnect. There is limited number of true ip addresses, so ISP uses technology to temporarily assign to you virtual ip, it is unique only whithin your particular netvork, external internet refers to you by ip provided by your ISP with additional numbers — port. Game uses 7777 port, it must be open or forwarded. Also try Upnp if your router have that option.



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