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With the launch of Ultimate Edition we wanted to offer players of known issues that get reported to us. Some will have more information than others but this is more so a resource for people to know what we know so you know, lots of knowing. If you happen to find any issues that are not listed here, please send us a ticket. 

(Newer issues will be placed at the top)

Valuable information:

  1. Steps on how you got the issue to occur.
  2. Videos / Image of the issue.
  3. How frequently do you see the issue?
  4. Are you playing multiplayer or not?

Known Issue List 4/7/2022

- SHiFT Skins: Not working on Steam or Xbox Platforms.

- Skills: All Stats/Might/Spirit/Vitality not appearing correctly

Link to Reddit post:  Here

  • This is a UI related issue, we believe it is purely visual and is not affecting actual character performance/gameplay

- Players stuck in a permanent falling animation

Link to Reddit Post:  Here

  • Players can enter a consistently falling animation while traversing a stage.
    • Potential Work Around: Switching weapons overrides the stuck falling animation and you can continue to play. 

Previous Known Issue List

- 2007 Error Code

  • This issue could be tied to your internet connection.. Though that can start with many different sources from router to IP.

- Blue Screen

  • The can be seen sometimes occurring when opening the map to select a mission.

- Locked Achievement

  • This one relates to an issue that the players encounter a trophy not unlocking properly even though you complete the prerequisites of it.
    • Potential Work Around:  Try making a second character and have that character complete the achievement for the trophy.

- Locked Items

  • There is an issue where players items will be locked which will prevent them from salvaging them even if they are not equipped on a Valorplate.

- Main Mission Stuck on Tutorial

  • The is an issue where the player is told to press a button to open the menu but when they do nothing  occurs.

- Quest reroll Infinite Loading

  • The is an issue where the player rerolls and objective multiple times it may cause it to be stuck in an infinite loading state.

- SHiFT Skins Missing

  • This issue is related to the disappearance of SHiFT skins from your account. This is normally encountered when the player has uninstalled the game or deleted your character.
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